A view of freelancer day rates for Art Directors, Copywriters and Creative Directors

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The community average for creatives

The average day rate across all "Creative" roles in 2017 is £310. This is only slightly higher than the average across the entire community. Do keep in mind, the dataset includes day rates from all contracts within the discipline as a whole, no matter duration or type of business.

Average Creative Art Direction freelance day rates

Art Direction

Contracted rates for Art Directors this year range from £220 to £520, with the majority of Art Directors being booked between £300 and £350 / day.

The average day rate for an Art Director this year is £326.

Average Copywriting freelance day rates


The average day rate for a Copywriter is £28 lower than that for an Art Director. This is largely due to a higher volume of lower day rate contracts.

Contracted rates for Copywriters this year range between £160 and £520, with the majority of Copywriters being booked around £300 / day.

The average day rate for a Copywriter this year is £298.

Average Creative Director freelance day rates

Creative Directors

Average rates for CDs are very mixed, with most rates between £300 and £600 / day. There are a handful of contracts at around £900 / day, but these are less than 3% of all bookings.

Creative Directors take on average £412 a day.

Let's talk about gender.

The uncomfortable truth is that the gender pay gap exists for creatives. Looking across all roles within the Creative discipline, men make an average £350 / day whilst women make £308 / day. This pay gap is there across Art Directors, Copywriters and CDs.

Male Art Directors make £332 / day on average, whilst females make £320 / day.

Male Copywriters make £305 / day, for female copywriters it's £290 / day.

The divide is less as distinctive for Creative Directors. Female CDs make £410 and male CDs make £414 / day.

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