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Full visibility on your contractor and recruiter costs

YunoJuno offers comprehensive global insights into costs, worker classification, automated contracts and payments for streamlined collaboration across HR, procurement, and finance departments.

Product UI Mockup
Product UI Mockup

Efficient freelancer payment and cost management

  • Consolidate freelancer billing and payments in a single platform, eliminating the need for internal alignment

  • Automate payments with smooth approval processes for worry-free and efficient payment management

  • Directly pay your contractor workforce to save time, eliminate risk, and establish a reputation for making payments on time

One invoice to pay your whole team, wherever in the world

  • Replace multiple contractor invoices to just one, and simplify your invoicing process

  • YunoJuno pays your global contractor workforce, including independent contractors and employer of record (EoR) arrangements with tax withholding at the source

  • Additionally, YunoJuno manages payments to your recruitment network

Product UI Mockup
Product UI Mockup

Full visibility and cost optimisation across your contractor workforce

  • Clear visibility and control over your freelancer, recruiter and operational spend

  • Centralised view of all payments with real-time payment status updates

  • Auditing and reporting made easier with accessible invoices in one system

When Pepsico met YunoJuno

"YunoJuno really helps from an agility and productivity perspective, quickly answering the business needs and helping to create a much more diverse and output focused team."

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YunoJuno has reduced the time and admin spent on completing IR35 compliance for all of our freelancers.

— Emma Hughes, Senior Creative Producer logo

It's revolutionised how quickly we can hire someone, in a fully compliant way.

— Edilia Hinojosa, Senior Project Manager
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It's a great place to find and hire diverse talent and the IR35 and compliance takes the stress out of hiring.

— Amy Clarke, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
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