Modern Slavery Statement

Updated on June 30, 2019

What is modern slavery?

Modern slavery is the illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain, often in horrible conditions from which the person cannot get away. It can include things which at first appear innocuous (like a car wash or nail bar). At the other end of the scale it includes things which are more obviously horrendous (like human trafficking).

What is this statement about?

This statement sets out the actions that we have taken to understand potential modern slavery risks related to our business and our supply chains, and to implement steps to prevent slavery

Our business structure

YunoJuno is a technology platform revolutionising the future of work. What started out as a curated marketplace for the creative industries has grown into the leading platform for London's elite freelance creative network. We have a single bold mission: unlock the true potential of freelance. YunoJuno Limited, the parent company of the YunoJuno Group, carries on business in the United Kingdom. The Group has over 30 employees in the United Kingdom. In the United States it operates via its subsidiary YunoJuno, Inc, and its subsidiary YunoJuno LLC. The Group has a global annual turnover of £104 million. Our platform supports the entire engagement lifecycle, from finding the perfect freelancer for a brief, through transparent and direct communication (no intermediary), to contract and time management, billing, and analytics.

Our supply chain

We manage our supply chain out of London. Because we are a technology platform our supply chain is mostly focussed on sourcing technology related goods and services. All material procurement is done through written contracts. Due to the nature of our supply chain, we consider the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain to be low compared with other businesses operating in other industries – for example, manufacturing or retail.

Our procedures

We do not tolerate modern slavery. We will never knowingly engage with anyone in any way connected with modern slavery. We haven't been made aware of any allegations of modern slavery trafficking against any of our suppliers. If we were, we would take steps to take appropriate action and report it to the relevant authorities. We have a number of procedures in place to ensure that modern slavery does not occur in our business or supply chain:

Employees: robust recruitment process, including identity checks and contracts of employment, as well as supporting employee engagement, dialogue and training

Freelancers: identity checks and contractual arrangements requiring compliance with law

Suppliers: due diligence and contractual arrangements requiring compliance with law