When Canon Europe met YunoJuno
“We built a bulletproof directory of freelancers.”
— Canon Europe
“We built a bulletproof directory of freelancers.”
— Canon Europe
Results with YunoJuno
Number of freelancers added to directory
savings in recruitment fees
reduction in time spent on hiring

How Canon Europe doubled their freelance workforce with YunoJuno and still saved costs



  • 1

    Better visibility on spend

  • 2

    To plan freelance resources ahead

  • 3

    To meet company targets efficiently

YunoJuno delivered:

  • 1

    Smooth onboarding process for talent

  • 2

    Large pool of highly skilled freelancers

  • 3

    Centralised view on spend

There were a few critical results for us. The obvious one was keeping everything housed in one place i.e. directory of talent, payments and keeping track of monthly spending. Perhaps more importantly, we were able to build up a bulletproof directory of talent. This has been super helpful for us as a team and as a business.

Cecilie Harris
Head of Creative Services at Canon EMEA

How was this achieved:

Visibility and control with real-time data

“We now have full visibility over the freelancers we have in contract at one time, meaning we can now keep track of our monthly spend and allocate our resources accordingly when projects and requests come in from other areas of the business.”

Centralised directory of talent

“Having a comprehensive directory full of talent means we can call upon known points of contact when we receive project requests from other areas of the business. Consequently, this has enabled us to take on more projects across the business, as we now have the capacity.”

IR35 made easy

Knowledge is both power and your strategic advantage. YunoJuno's IR35 tools give you both insight, control and peace of mind - all within an easy-to-use interface.

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    Consumer Electronics
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    Japan, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania
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