When PepsiCo met YunoJuno
"Seamless experience and takes a lot of the stress away."
Edilia Hinojosa, PepsiCo
"Seamless experience and takes a lot of the stress away."
Edilia Hinojosa, PepsiCo
Results with YunoJuno
Saving in recruitment fees
Admin hours saved each month
Reduction in time to hire

How YunoJuno saved PepsiCo over 77% on workforce costs



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    PepsiCo struggled to find high quality talent, quickly.

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    Internal compliance checks added further delays to projects.

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    This had an enormous admin and compliance burden and no sight of their spend.

YunoJuno delivered:

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    YunoJuno’s compliance workflows have enabled PepsiCo to onboard global contractors quickly.

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    Reduction in time to hire from weeks to a couple of hours.

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    The YunoJuno platform enables PepsiCo one central global repository for talent and a global view on spend.

YunoJuno is a seamless experience and takes a lot of the stress away. YunoJuno really helps from an agility and productivity perspective, quickly answering the business needs and helping to create a much more diverse and output focused team. The quick payment of freelancers at YJ is a game changer. We've managed to reduce time to hire from a week to a couple of hours.

Edilia Hinojosa
Senior Project Manager at PepsiCo

How was this achieved:

Fast time to hire

“One of the main things that is really key is I can place a brief in the afternoon and then get somebody in, in the morning which is absolutely fabulous. That really, really wouldn’t be possible if I was going to a third party.”

YunoJuno platform features
YunoJuno platform features
High quality talent

“90% of briefs are filled within 24 hours, literally cutting our admin time by about 80%.”

Visibility and control with real-time data

Knowledge is both power and your strategic advantage. YunoJuno's IR35 tools give you both insight, control and peace of mind - all within an easy-to-use interface.

YunoJuno platform features
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