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Looking to join the YunoJuno community of professional freelancers, but unsure where to start? We have pulled together all of the things our onboarding team consider when they’re assessing freelancers’ profiles, showcasing examples along the way.


It is important you select the discipline/category that best reflects your experience and expertise. If you’re planning to apply for Account Management roles, add work experience relevant to such roles to show your suitability for the project as this, along with your bio, is what clients will review to ascertain your suitability for the project. Making sure your profile is up to date and as detailed as possible.

Making your profile as detailed as possible is the biggest priority when doing your application.

About You / Your Bio

First impressions count, so make sure you add a bio of around 200-400 characters to highlight and explain your expertise. Ensure it is long enough to get insight into your background, expertise, experience, and whatever personal attributes you wish to share. This is useful for clients who see your profile as they will want to know a bit about you in your own words, the kind of projects you like to work on, as well as your relevant experience.

Think of your About section as an SEO article. Include any relevant keywords - this way the YunoJuno search algorithm will show you the most relevant briefs, but will also show your profile to most relevant clients.

Pro tip

Mentioning skills within your bio can help you appear in client searches, as clients have the ability to search by keywords.

Pro tip

Chris’s profile is a great example of what we look for.

  • Tells the client exactly what he does.
  • Illustrates the level of his professional experience.
  • Mentions key skills so that the client can quickly see if he is relevant for a brief.

Not doing these things simply means that the client will not be able to see the scope of what you have to show as a freelancer, or the value you can bring to a project. Clients will want to see from the get go exactly what you are about, so it is important to show this on your profile.

Having a warm, friendly profile image helps build the human connection and makes you better identifiable to clients when looking through multiple profiles.

Pro tip

Work History – Your Experience

Your work history timeline is an opportunity to showcase where you’ve worked and what you’ve worked on. As freelancers, you have the advantage of revealing the rich and diverse experience that comes with projects you’ve chosen to work on. As you can imagine, when a potential client looks at profiles, they are drawn to brands they are most familiar with. But if your project/client is not a household name, it’s great to add some detail to the project to ensure a hirer can see the breadth of your work there. Not only does it help with credibility, but it also helps them make an informed decision about the contribution you can bring to their project.

Use brand names rather than the names of individuals (i.e. use “BBC” or “Google” rather than “Jane Smith”).

Pro tip

Add skills to your work history entry, as this will help you appear in client searches when they are looking for that specific skill.  Include the tools you have used, as clients may be looking for a particular experience with certain applications.

Pro tip

Do mention past industries you’ve worked in, as this can be invaluable to clients if they’re looking for a freelancer with specific industry experience.

Pro tip

Chris’s work history is an excellent example because:

  • Chris has a minimum of 3 work histories and validations of his work from previous clients.
  • Each section includes the brand names, so we can either instantly recognise them or we can go and check out their websites.
  • Mentions key skills so that the client can quickly see if he is relevant for a brief.

If minimal information is added, it doesn’t tell the client the type of responsibilities you as a freelancer have had, which makes it difficult for them to decide whether you’d be able to bring much to their project. As much detail as possible and a description underneath each project is the best way to make your profile stand out.

Not including information can also impact your profile showing in the search results, as those with little or no information will be less likely to come up in searches, so make sure to avoid that at all costs if you want to find work.

Portfolios, CVs and Linkedin profile

Many disciplines on YunoJuno have external portfolio sites such as Behance or Vimeo, downloadable CVs or even just a LinkedIn profile. Include as many as you can! These sites and documents give potential hirers fantastic insight into the breadth of your experience and expertise.

  • A CV is also recommended so that we can see all of your previous work together in one place. Having a CV and portfolio puts your profile in great stead to stand out and be shortlisted.
  • If you are a developer, please add a link to a code repository such as GitHub or attach a CV that showcases your work. We understand that some or all of your repositories are private, and that’s completely fine!
  • If your LinkedIn profile has your experience, we suggest matching your YJ profile with that.

Portfolios are always needed when applying for creative disciplines, such as Creative, Design, Studio, Film & Motion or UX. This allows you to ‘tell’ us what you can do and' show’ us your experience.

Pro tip

Ensure that the link you provide is easily accessible and that passwords are not required.

Pro tip
graphical user interface, application

We can see Chris has attached links to:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Vimeo
  • Dribble
  • Instagram
  • Portfolio links

This helps us and clients review a freelancer’s experience and examples of their work, providing a more in-depth view of their skill and expertise.

Not adding links will mean the client cannot review your work and experience.


To help with your application, make sure you include the following:

  • About you (bio/job title)
  • Three items of work history and a minimum of three skills for each
  • A minimum of one validation request
  • Company/business details
  • A portfolio, if applicable to your discipline

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