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All-in-one freelancer management system

Simplify your freelancer workforce management with YunoJuno's all-in-one platform. Source, manage and pay your global freelance team. Through a seamless hiring process you can ensure complete compliance, saving you valuable time and money.

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Directly source the best freelancers from your own talent pool or our elite marketplace.


Onboard in minutes with background checks, classification and automated contracts.


Manage multiple bookings, check day rates, view timesheets, and communicate in one place.


Pay your teams on time, wherever in the world, with full visibility of your global workforce costs.


Remove risks and hire with confidence with built-in global worker classification and tax compliance.


Collect workforce insights and access dashboard data anytime for easy audits and reporting.

Direct access to global freelance talent to save you time and money

  • Hire with quick and efficient direct sourcing from your talent pool

  • Access a curated marketplace of 100,000+ elite creative and tech freelancers

  • YunoJuno's sourcing team, available at no additional cost, for extra support throughout your hiring journey

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Eliminate risk with trusted global compliance technology

  • Access to built-in global worker classification capabilities

  • Accelerate your hiring process with automated right to work checks

  • Protection against misclassification risks and benefit from comprehensive global insurance coverage

When Canon met YunoJuno

“We now have full visibility over the freelancers we have in contract at one time, meaning we can now keep track of our monthly spend.”

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Simplify global payments and contracts

  • Global independent contractor payments in 150+ countries

  • Flexible global payroll options, with the choice to use YunoJuno, leverage our EoR partner network, or use your own

  • Automated contract management, streamlined workflows, and secure data storage

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Full visibility with real-time data and insights

  • Gain immediate insights into your contractor workforce spend with real-time reporting

  • Full visibility into projects and timelines through easily accessible and downloadable dashboards

  • Enhance tracking and management by closely monitoring recruiter ownership periods

Get your own bespoke solution for your contractor needs

YunoJuno Plus offers a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution with a dedicated team of experts helping you hire without the risk and while reducing recruiting costs.

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Freelance Management System FAQs

Freelance management system streamlines the entire process of hiring, onboarding, and managing freelance talent. It helps businesses efficiently handle contracts, payments, and project collaboration, ensuring seamless interactions with external contractors.

YunoJuno's global freelance management system encompasses a comprehensive suite of tools. It includes a marketplace to source vetted contractors and freelancers, contract creation, time tracking, payment processing, compliance tools, and project collaboration. YunoJuno also offers robust reporting and analytics for enhanced visibility into contractor performance and project outcomes.

YunoJuno's freelance management system provides numerous benefits. It simplifies the hiring process, automates administrative tasks, and improves communication between businesses and contractors. With features like centralised contractor management and detailed project insights, our all-in-one platform ensures a streamlined and efficient experience for managing contractors globally, ultimately saving time and improving project outcomes.

Hear it from the world's best businesses and freelancers

Super easy to use and it takes care of all our freelancing requirements. All-in-all, it's been a great solution.

— Natasha Montgomery, Creative Resource Manager
OVO Energy

It's revolutionised how quickly we can hire someone, in a fully compliant way.

— Edilia Hinojosa, Senior Project Manager
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Their all-in-one platform has saved us hours on admin tasks every week, securing the best talent whilst ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process.

— Amy Alford, Senior Studio Manager
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