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IR35 made easy when hiring with YunoJuno

If you're an HR, Finance, Tax leader, or just interested in making IR35 easier for your business then welcome to YunoJuno. We help companies hire and manage their global freelance workforce with automated onboarding, contracts, and payments, saving time and money, whilst guaranteeing full compliance.

YunoJuno platform features

How YunoJuno helps you be IR35 compliant?

YunoJuno ensures companies are IR35 compliant through the use of data and automated workflows, empowering your hiring managers by giving them the ability to find and onboard freelancers within the controls and oversight your business requires.

The UKs No.1 IR35 solution

Our platform manages all of your contractor relationships and recruitment networks in one place, so you can guarantee your IR35 assessments flow through the supply chain with a click of a button.

Contractor payments

YunoJuno pays all contractors and associated recruitment partners on guaranteed payment terms, deducting tax at source if needed. This means your company won’t need to force your contractors to use Umbrella companies, keeping both your contractors and finance teams happy.

Inside or outside IR35?

Whether your contractors work inside or outside IR35, YunoJuno's IR35 software automatically tracks and stores your contracts and assessments. This removes the headache of the admin processes for all involved.

Comprehensive insurance coverage on all IR35 bookings

We’ve teamed up with one of the world's leading insurance companies to provide best in class IR35 coverage, offering peace of mind to your HR, Legal, Finance and Tax departments.

Reducing time to hire

Using smart workflows, YunoJuno allows you to source, assess and book contractors quickly whilst making sure all compliance is in place. We’ve taken weeks off of large corporate’s time to hire.

Reducing admin

IR35 has increased the amount of manual admin and paperwork that companies have to do. Our contractor management software uses automated workflows to ensure your business is IR35 compliant without the manual time-sapping processes.
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Outsourced Determination
Legacy MSP
Integrated IR35 Assessments
Inside IR35 Payments
Giving freelancers a choice (PSCs, ST, Umbrella, PAYE)
Real time data
Team collaboration
Audit trails
Recruiter Management
Automated workflows
Dispute resolution
Directory of your trusted freelancers
Talent pooling
Account Management
Detailed Electronic Reporting

Use YunoJuno's IR35 compliance software for your peace of mind

It’s simple, fast, transparent, and packed with features. No matter who you are in the life cycle of working with freelancers the platform will give you back time, save on costs and ensure compliance.

Manage your compliance from a single platform

Using the built in workflows of a freelance management platform mitigates as much risk as legally possible. Using one tool for assessments, contracting, storage and payments ensures compliance and reputation, reduces time to hire and gives both client and freelancer the freedom to work with one another in the way they desire.

YunoJuno platform features
YunoJuno platform features
Inside IR35 payments

Remove the tax risk and multiple relationships and give your business the freedom to engage the widest talent pool possible. Using a freelance management system removes the risk and pain of payments to freelancers Inside of IR35. They ensure all client and freelancer tax deductions are made and passed to HMRC.

Visibility and control with real-time data

Knowledge is both power and your strategic advantage. YunoJuno's IR35 tools give you both insight, control and peace of mind - all within an easy-to-use interface.

YunoJuno platform features
YunoJuno platform features
Minimise your risk exposure

YunoJuno provides insurance and indemnities cover for not just the legal fees but also for tax, interest and penalties, across all contracts.

Our IR35 solution allows you to control the entire process with a clear audit trail of your decisions as well as full visibility of all contracts, communication and billing.

Frequently asked questions on IR35

IR35, also known as the off-payroll working rules, is a UK tax legislation designed to spot contractors and businesses who  are avoiding paying the appropriate tax. They do this by working as ‘disguised’ employees, or  engaging workers on a self-employed basis to hide their real employment status.

The recent IR35 legislation changes are there to ensure freelancers and businesses pay the right amount of tax on each and every contract.

IR35 rules apply if a freelancer provides services to a client through an intermediary, usually their own company e.g. a Personal Service Company (you may know this as a Limited Company) They would be classed as an employee for tax purposes if they were contracted directly.

If the rules apply and a freelancer is considered to be inside IR35, tax and National Insurance contributions have to be deducted and paid to HMRC.

If your freelancer works inside  IR35, you’ll need to  tax the freelancer at source, deducting income tax and national insurance, as well as employers NICs.

If the freelancer works outside of IR35, your business must pay the freelancer the whole amount, without deducting PAYE and NIC.

Yes, our insurance cover has been specifically designed for the IR35 rules covering all Outside IR35 contracts, limiting the risks to your business. Backed by one of the most trusted insurance providers Zurich, IR35 Safe gives you 4 years coverage after the contract has finished and covers up to £100,000 in legal cover as well as £100,000 in any tax and penalties owed.

No, we give you and your freelancers the freedom to engage with one another via their chosen structure. Regardless of their set-up we will deduct tax at source as and when required.

Freelancers on YJ will structure their business in one of three ways:

  1. As a Self Employed Sole Trader
  2. A Personal Service Company (PSC)
  3. Via an Umbrella Company

However, If you as the client have decided to only engage with freelancers via an umbrella company, you can of course ask them if they are willing to work via an umbrella company for their time with you, however, this is totally their choice.

No, YunoJuno is not an umbrella company. YunoJuno is a freelance management platform that brings freelancers and clients together regardless of how their business is set up.

If a freelancer chooses to structure themselves via an Umbrella Company, then in order to find assignments with clients on YunoJuno they must be with an FCSA approved Umbrella company.

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YunoJuno has reduced the time and admin spent on completing IR35 compliance for all of our freelancers.

— Emma Hughes, Senior Creative Producer logo

It's revolutionised how quickly we can hire someone, in a fully compliant way.

— Edilia Hinojosa, Senior Project Manager
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It's a great place to find and hire diverse talent and the IR35 and compliance takes the stress out of hiring

— Amy Clarke, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
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