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Sourcing and hiring freelancers just got easier with direct sourcing from your own network or from our elite freelancer marketplace. Hire the skills you need, when you need them, faster than ever.

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Save costs

Source talented freelancers and contractors directly with no extra spend

Hire faster

Build your own talent pool of referred, repeat or pre-vetted workers

Gain full visibility

See your entire external workforce all in one place

Maintain quality

Work with only the best freelance talent on the market

Increase satisfaction

Less headaches and better matching between hiring managers and contractors

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Build your own talent directory

  • Keep all your organisation's freelancers in one place

  • Access notes, documents, job history and insights whenever you need them

  • Message freelancers directly through our secure messaging system

  • Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and endless back and forth emails

  • Quickly find the best talent for a new brief with direct sourcing

Fill the gaps with our elite freelancer marketplace

  • Expand your talent pool with elite freelancers from our marketplace

  • 100,000+ experienced and verified workers, ready to work on-site, hybrid, or remotely

  • A sourcing team to match you with the talent you need in a few hours, at no extra fee

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Manage staffing agencies in one place

  • Gain full visibility of your flexible workforce by managing your external agencies on the platform

  • Track and remove ownership period automatically through automated workflow

When Canon met YunoJuno

“We now have full visibility over the freelancers we have in contract at one time, meaning we can now keep track of our monthly spend.”

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Direct Sourcing FAQs

Complying with local laws can be tricky, especially if you’re hiring freelancers globally. Using trusted freelance management software, like YunoJuno, ensures compliant hiring by offering customisable contract templates, automated compliance checks, and real-time updates on global laws. YunoJuno minimises legal risks and ensures your freelancer relationships align with regulatory requirements.

YunoJuno employs a rigorous assessment process for all freelancers, guaranteeing that only the most skilled and qualified professionals are matched with client projects. Our thorough evaluation ensures a high standard of expertise and reliability, providing you with the assurance of working with top-tier freelancers on their projects.

YunoJuno's automation features optimise compliance checks for efficiency, enabling you to onboard your global workforce quickly without compromising on compliance. While specific timelines vary, our streamlined processes minimise delays, prioritising both speed and accuracy in conducting compliance checks.

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Super easy to use and it takes care of all our freelancing requirements. All-in-all, it's been a great solution.

— Natasha Montgomery, Creative Resource Manager
OVO Energy

Since using YJ my professional life is organised and my bank account is happy to get paid every two weeks! I love being a part of the YJ community.

— Demi Mason, Creative Designer
Demi M

It's revolutionised how quickly we can hire someone, in a fully compliant way.

— Edilia Hinojosa, Senior Project Manager
Pepsico logo

YunoJuno are by far first place for me. I've met incredible clients, had the chance to work on some really great brand projects and find the whole platform a breeze.

— Nick Kyriakides, Senior Post-Production Artist
Nick K

It's a great place to find and hire diverse talent and the IR35 and compliance takes the stress out of hiring

— Amy Clarke, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Havas logo

Billing is straight forward, contracts all sorted which makes the whole process of bookings less stressful.

— Zoe Moncaster, Integrated Graphic Designer
Zoe M
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