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Have You Considered Supercharging Your Hiring with an FMS?

Supercharge Your Hiring with a Freelance Management System?
James Orpin
James Orpin
August 5, 2021
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Using recruiters to find freelancers and contractors has been an effective go-to for companies over the years, but with the rise of platforms like YunoJuno and legislation like IR35, this has started to change.

Offering a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to recruitment, freelance management systems give companies the chance to communicate with their freelance network.

If you've only ever used recruiters to source your talent, but want to explore how an FMS can supercharge your freelance hiring, here are some key features an FMS will deliver to you from the outset:

1. Direct Access to More Talent

One of the main benefits of using a freelance management system is the direct access your business will have to an evolving pool of talent. It gives you the tools to find talented specialists quickly, whilst automating the onboarding process to help manage multiple contracts.

You’ll be able to search by skill set, job titles, whilst seeing previous jobs worked, agreed day rates, colleagues feedback and if they are provided via one of your recruitment networks. This creates a transparent experience for all parties that work with your budgets.  

When using YunoJuno you’ll get access to a talent sourcing team who match your project with the perfect freelancer.  You’ll also get the convenience of automated processes to help with productivity.

Freelancers find freelance management platforms attractive for a number of reasons such as fixed payment terms and flexibility. This takes away a lot of the risk out of contract work for them too, and having direct communication with the end client is a big plus.

2. Builds Stronger Relationships with Freelancers and Recruiters

Having direct access to freelance talent also means your team can contact them directly without waiting for recruiters to pass on information. This helps you build your own relationship, understand their strengths and makes it easier to rebook them as you won’t have to ask a recruiter for their availability.

Whilst an FMS removes the need for you to engage a recruiter with someone your business already knows, they can still play a part in finding new talent. And they never miss out on their fee as payment is automated.

Freelance management systems also give freelancers the opportunity to update their profile regularly, showcasing their latest projects and skills. You can see their availability and access contact details, making it easier to connect and collaborate whilst keeping any 3rd party informed.

3. Speeds up the recruitment process

By working with a FMS  in some cases you can remove the ‘middle-man’ working directly with freelancers, allowing you to discuss the project in detail and get to a decision quickly. This drastically speeds up the hiring process and means you’ll get the work started sooner whilst ensuring the recruiter is paid any fee required due to agreed ownership periods.

However, when you don’t have direct contact, you might need to work with your recruitment network. Briefing multiple recruiters over numerous emails and phone calls is a thing of the past. Using a freelance management system enables you to create one brief and share it with your network of recruiters in one click, enabling them to recommend candidates in the platform ensuring any IR35 compliance plus removing any GDPR headaches.

4. Reduces Costs

A long-standing problem when hiring freelance talent is ensuring contracts for a company’s recruitment Preferred Suppliers List (PSL), and all associated agreements such as ‘ownership’,  is appropriately managed.  

Most businesses will have experienced working with a freelancer over a few years and they’ll still be paying recruitment fees even when the agreed ownership periods have passed.

With everything being tracked in the FMS, ownership periods are automatically enforced. This means that after the agreed period of time the freelancer becomes a direct contact and can be booked without the recruitment fees.

Another benefit of managing your recruitment PSL via a FMS is the real time data reporting allowing you to make informed decisions about your PSL, and not allowing it to become unmanageable.

This is something that would’ve taken hours if not days- even weeks before, and now you can have that information at a click of a button. All whilst ensuring you find the right freelancer for the project each time and all relevant parties are paid what is agreed.

Freelance management systems ultimately help future-proof companies by quickly supplying freelance specialists to help evolve your business whilst you can save on costs over time.

If you’re still unsure whether now is the right time to consider a freelance management system, why not schedule a demo today. Find out more about how our platform could support you and your business.

Old rule (2021 Independent Contractor Rule)New Rule (Effective March 11, 2024)
Basis of classificationRelied on a simpler, more straightforward approach that may not fully capture the complexity of modern work relationships.Restores a multifactor "economic reality" test that considers a wider range of factors to determine employment status.
Legal consistencyCriticised for deviating from established legal precedent and potentially leading to more misclassifications.Aims to align closely with longstanding legal precedent, offering more clarity and consistency in classification decisions.
Impact on workersConcerns were raised that it might make it easier to classify workers as independent contractors, potentially denying them employment benefits.Seeks to reduce the risk of misclassification, ensuring workers who should be classified as employees receive the benefits and protections that they're entitled to receive.
Guidance for employersProvide a simpler framework for employers to classify workers, which could lead to broader interpretations and confusion.Offers detailed guidance through the economic reality test, aiming to provide a clearer path for proper classification and reduce misclassifications.

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