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Visibility and control over your freelance workforce like never before

The YunoJuno Freelance Management Platform gives your business full oversight and control of your fastest growing workforce. With built-in IR35 workflows ensuring complete compliance throughout the entirety of your engagement, and all the tools to source and manage and pay your contingent workforce, the YunoJuno FMS transforms your competitive edge with freelancers.

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All your freelancers in one place

With over 2 million freelancers in the UK, it’s important for businesses to get in front of the freelance revolution and all the benefits that come with it. As you grow the number of freelancers you manage, the necessity of a robust compliant solution increases.

90% of business leaders believe that a blended model of permanent and freelance workforces give them a competitive edge, and 70% of executives believe that they will engage more freelance workers than they did pre Covid.

The YunoJuno Freelancer Management System enables companies to manage their freelance and contract workforce by giving users the ability to manage freelancer payments, as well as gain insights into their contingent workforce.

The features of our FMS

Since 2012, YunoJuno has been the strategic and commercial advantage for organisations throughout the country.

Including right-to-work, IR35 & Sole Traders.
Sourcing & Management
Use your own trusted network or ours.
All in a consolidated invoice, with Tax deductions passed to HMRC.
Manage all your recruiters from one place.
Dedicated to your account.
Data & 
To help you run your business better.

The benefits of our FMS

Beyond features, YunoJuno's Freelance Management System delivers real change that benefits your business.

All within a single workflow on a single platform.
70% reduction in talent sourcing costs.
98% positive feedback from all bookings.
£100k insurance on all Outside IR35 contracts, supplied by Zurich.
YJ pay freelancers and suppliers on 14 day terms.
All contracts verified + audit trails.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage and pay any freelancer worker?


YunoJuno allows you manage and pay anybody who has structured their freelance services via a Personal Service Company (PSC), as a Sole Trader, or manages their business via an Umbrella Company.

What compliance checks do you undertake?

YunoJuno performs a detailed verification of its freelancer community so you can book them with true confidence. From  Identity checks to Right-to-Work, appropriate business insurance, as well as IR35 and SDC compliance. We also have the capability to undertake criminal and finance checks.

How do I ensure IR35 compliance?

YunoJuno’s in platform workflows ensures IR35 compliance for your businesses  whilst also insuring each 'Outside IR35' decision with £100k legal fees and £100k for any taxes and interest owed should a case be heard at a HMRC tribunal.

How does my freelance workforce get paid?

All YunoJuno freelancers are paid within 14 days of invoice date and where required, we handle all tax deductions at source and pass appropriate monies to HMRC.

Is my company protected from insurance when it comes to IR35?


When using the YunoJuno IR35 solution, any Outside IR35 decision is backed by Zurich Insurance to the value of £100k legal fees and £100k for any taxes and interest owed should a case be heard at a HMRC tribunal.

Can I manage my existing recruitment partners through the YunoJuno platform?


YunoJuno’s platform allows you to manage all recruitment partners in your network, giving you one process and a single point of control when working freelancers regardless of how the freelancer was sourced.