The 2019/20
Freelancer Rates Report

Insights into day rates & project lengths amongst the UK’s tech and creative freelance community, by the country’s largest marketplace of premium talent.

Welcome to the Freelancer Rates Report.

Welcome to this year’s UK Freelancer Rates Report. Since its incorporation, YunoJuno has held the belief that transparency not only helps inform the decision making process of both freelancers and hirers alike, it also drives the future of work forward. That's why this report is a free resource to all.

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What can I expect in the report?

Average Day Rates Per Discipline

The  report shows average day rates across 15 disciplines, highlighting the most common day rate ranges, the overall averages and data for the top 10% in each field. 

Project Lengths

Each category is then accompanied by data highlighting average project lengths and their equivalent top 10% cohort.

Freelancing in the time of COVID

The report details insights gathered from year-to-date data (Q1 & Q2 2020) on the effects of COVID to freelancer rates and possible industry outcomes. We look closer at two disciplines that saw a rise in project rates accompanied by the freelancers' own point of view for each of these fields. ‍

Freelancing during COVID...
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