YunoJuno is revolutionising the future of work.

YunoJuno is the UK’s leading platform for the freelancer economy with more that 90,000 freelancers in its curated network and over 12,000 clients ranging from start-ups to FTSE 500 companies such as Google, PepsiCo and the BBC. This has resulted in YunoJuno fast approaching £1 billion in freelancer bookings, setting the standard for a complete end-to-end solution for the future of work.

YunoJuno officeTeam members in YunoJuno officesTeam members in YunoJuno officesTeam members in YunoJuno offices

We have a single bold mission: Unlock the true potential of freelance

The future of work belongs to both freelancer and hirer. These two sides aren't mutually exclusive but co-exist in driving the changing face of employment. Freelancers are fast becoming the single most valuable workforce in the labour market and this is no more evident than in the creative and tech sector. YunoJuno is unlocking every aspect of this revolution so that the concept of "choosing freelance" is no longer a leap into the unknown but the most strategic and commercial decision you can make.

The journey so far...

YunoJuno's beginnings are much like many other good ideas - born from a frustration of the manual process, its founders knew there had to be a better way.

What started as a platform to connect the greatest freelancers with a handful of forward- thinking companies is now changing how the creative and tech industry resource their business and manage their workforce.

What a ride we've had.

One simple idea
Our founders, from the world of creative and tech meet at various (free wifi) spots across London to discuss their idea for a direct, transparent and exclusive community for freelancers and clients.
Building the community
Planning sessions extend to their wider freelancer and client network in order to ascertain if the idea had legs. The response being overwhelmingly positive, this group became the founding members of the new YunoJuno network.
The three guys double down on their idea, empty their personal savings accounts, and to practice what they preached, hire freelancers to build a bootstrapped product.
JC joins team YJ
YunoJuno finds its first angel investor - Jon Claydon - and convince him to become YJ Chairman. Founders suitably subdued.
YunoJuno Version 1.0
YunoJuno Version 1 released. Built entirely by the freelancer network. Spent the next year doing two things: 1) Grow the pool of elite freelancers and clients; and 2) Improve the product.
Our very first booking
First freelancer booking the day after YJ version 1.0 is released. YJ founders ensure the precious package is delivered safe and sound.
Marketing 1.0
First attempt at bootstrapped PR: Stand in the rain outside a digital conference handing out cupcakes. #Fail.
Brett Akker joins Team YJ
Founder of - Brett Akker - joins Team YJ as angel investor and advisor.
The pink gin incident
Second attempt at bootstrapped PR: Produce YunoJuno Pink Gin, deliver to clients, gin ferments, offices need evacuating, people hospitalised. #epicfail. Abandon PR initiatives, stick to building a good product.
Not now, Jin-Yang!
After the attempted murder phase, we got down to business. And things started to click. So much so that we received our first term sheet from a real-life VC (as opposed to the life-size statue of Marc Andreessen we fashioned out of reclaimed driftwood).
Team YJ grows
We bring in the experts to help us notch things up a gear.
Our very own home
We get the keys to our very own office in W1.
Team YJ grows some more
All team outings now require a sub-committee.
We bought a ham
In September, we smashed every metric we measure. So as a reward, we purchased one sweet Iberico ham from our favourite Spanish restaurant down the street. Other companies chat at the water cooler, we do it slicing meat.
Sweet FA NO.1
YunoJuno launches the inaugural Freelancer Awards - celebrating and recognising all the amazing work freelancers do in our industry. All photos of YJ CEO attempting ‘the helicopter' have since been permanently deleted.
The YunoJuno Bicycle Club begins. For lovers of bike rides as well as post-ride recovery drinks. (Chap on the ElliptiGo is not with us.)
We have departments
We still run a pretty flat hierarchy (w00t), but additional growth has meant we can build proper departments. Departments have proven effective for combative teams sports.
Doing Sweet FA again
Like everything at YJ, if you try something once and it doesn't suck, do it again and make it better. 2016's Freelancer Awards saw more people, more well-deserved recognition and a greater number of awk-waaard post-midnight stories.
New year, new digs
The YJ founders have maintained their full veto rights to new office locations to ensure their proximity to decent coffee and food. We've moved to Bermondsey. They've each put on 5lbs since January.
YJ NYC - let's go
We've been in stealth mode for months but we're finally ready to let the cat out of the bag. YunoJuno is coming to New York! Also, our CEO has used this time to consume his three favourite food groups: melted cheese, carbs, and sports.
3rd Annual Sweet FAs
Bigger, better, more razzmatazz. 1600 nominations, thousands of votes. Former Prime Minister of Finland, Minna Häkkinen, presented the awards to 16 very deserving winners.
YJ Team Minsk
Met some wonderful people in Belarus, they said they were developers, we hired them. Met their friends, hired them too.
Growth continues
"Oh and remember, next Friday, is Hawaiian shirt day. So if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans." - B. Lumberg
Sweet FA / 18
Bigger, better, more Wes. The world's largest freelancer awards pushed the submarine out and kicked things up a notch. 4,500 individual votes, 650 attendees, 16 very deserving winners, 1 epic night!
£101 million in a single year, baby!
The numbers are in and 2018 was our biggest yet. Freelancers on the YunoJuno platform took bookings totalling £101m in a single year - doubling from 2017, and double again from 2016! w00t.
As seen on TV
This guy does his first live television appearance and manages not to embarrass himself or the company. He had one job. For your consideration here.
New digs (and photoshop skillz) like a boss
New home in Soho! Next time you buy an exotic rug from Liberty’s, take a few more steps down the road, look for the inconspicuous sign and say hello.
Sweet FA/19. SBAM!
The venue: Shoreditch Town Hall. The host: Nish Kumar. The Theme: Alternative Alternative Superhero. The numbers: 6000 votes; 750 attendees. The feeling: Pow! Sock! Sbam! Check out the 2019 Wrap Film here.
Sweet FA/20 COVID Edition
Much of 2020 need not be repeated for anyone. But one part of YJ history that we will shout about is the reinvention of The Freelancer Awards in the time of COVID. In 2020, kindness won. Check out the full video of Sweet FA/20 COVID Edition here.
Deploy the big guns
An announcement that has been a long time in the making. Runar Reistrup, Ex-CEO fo Depop (now acquired by Etsy), joins YunoJuno as our new CEO. Our founder, Shib, becomes our Executive Chairman. Let the next chapter of this incredible journey begin!
Winning in an IR35 world
The single biggest change in tax regulation for the self employed, the UK Government's long awaited and highly debated IR35 tax reform came into effect. YunoJuno was not only ready for it, it helped thousands of freelancers and clients navigate the new regulations with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.
Stay off my wave, man!
With the annus horribilis of 2020 behind us, we return to big wins, rapid team growth and hyper-competitive water sports followed by afternoon tea and cake.
What rhymes with OKR's?
We broaden our executive team and add some serious muscle to our res-of-the-world football side. Ex-COO of Shpock, Joao Martires, and Portuguese native, joins YJ as our new COO.
Work it, baby.
Shib and YunoJuno are featured in a short film series about start-up growing strains. He also has a chance to say how much he loves cycling whilst never actually appearing on his bike. Watch it in full here.
Nov gets a facelift
It was time our brand reflected our growth, everything we do, and what we stand for. And who better to help us execute that than our own freelancer community. Eat your own dog food!
2021 Freelancer Awards
Class of '21 represents the very best the freelance community has to offer in both expertise demonstrated in work and wider community recognition. Great to be back in its original format!
YunoJuno reaches £500m
It started with one booking. One became two. Two became four. Four became more. More became half a billion pounds in freelancer bookings!
So many hands in All-Hands
Post pandemic growth saw us in new digs, new markets and a lot more people across a global team to get the job done.
Sweet FA22 - In the flesh!
This year we broke all records with a staggering 22,000 votes. With our new partners The Mental Health Foundation, the Museum of the Home in Shoreditch was the perfect location for our new Summer event, in-person and outside! It exceeded  all our expectations!

Watch the wrap film here.