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Tips For Hiring A Freelancer Or Contract Workers

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James Orpin
James Orpin
September 23, 2021
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With more businesses choosing to hire expert freelancers than ever before, working with flexible, experienced contractors can bring endless benefits to businesses of all sizes and help improve the performance of internal projects.

Whether your company is new to working with freelancers or uses regular contractors, knowing where to find them or when to start hiring for your projects can be tricky. We’ve put together our top tips for companies to consider when hiring freelancers, helping to make the most of the freelance economy.

Establish your budgets before you start looking

Before you start looking for freelancers to help out on your projects, it’s important to understand budgets. How much are you prepared to spend on their expertise? How long is your project likely to run and do your research on how much to expect the day rates to be for the skills you need. We’ve previously covered the day rates for creative freelancers here, to give you a better idea of how much to expect.

Understand what kind of skill set your projects need

Once you’ve got a budget in mind, you’ll need to review the projects and the skill sets they need. Due to the very nature of freelance and contract work, freelancers come with loads of experience within their dedicated sector.

It might be that your project needs a mix of junior, mid-level and senior experience to help move things forward, so decide on the level of experience before you start looking.

Knowing where to find freelancers online

Many businesses use the same list of trusted freelancers, but when projects take you outside the known skill set it can be harder to know where to find freelance workers without spending lots of money on recruitment.

Using freelance management tools like YunoJuno is a great way to get access to 1000’s of talented freelancers and contract workers who are available to work on your project. YunoJuno allows businesses to search by skills too, so it saves time by showing only relevant profiles as you search.

Will they be Inside or Outside IR35

The UK government introduced IR35 changes in April 2021 which changed the tax implications for business and freelancers alike. Once you’ve found the right talent for your project, it’s up to your company to decide how they’ll work with you.

Using built-in compliance workflows in YunoJuno will help your business remain compliant when hiring freelancers- whether they are Inside or Outside IR35.

AspectEmployeeIndependent Contractor
Control and supervisionDirect control over how, when, and where to workFreedom to set their own schedules and methods
PaymentRegular wages; taxes withheld by employerPaid per project; responsible for their own taxes
BenefitsHealth insurance, retirment plans, paid leaveMust arrange their own benefits
TerminationOften requires notice and may include severanceCan usually be terminated at any time without benefits
Tools and equipmentProvided by the employerTypically use their own tools

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