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IR35 Done Right.

The end-to-end solution for IR35 compliance by the UK's largest provider of premium freelancers.

Managing over £350 million in freelancer payments, more of the UK's most innovative companies trust YunoJuno.

Don't leave your company's compliance in the hands of cowboys and A.I. robots.

With such a major change to UK tax law, there are many organisations promising a risk free approach to IR35 without supporting information and clear audit trails. Blanket classifications, opaque processes and even assessments based on artificial intelligence - these can all leave your business at risk.  

Since its incorporation in 2012, YunoJuno has championed unparalleled transparency in all of its products and services to the UK freelance economy. Allowing you to book and manage your freelancers with confidence and empowering you to focus your own project's deliverables.


The ability to accommodate how you operate.  

Whatever your preference of freelancer engagements, YunoJuno makes it easy to determine a classification, access appropriate talent and manage all your freelance workforce.

Manage better with real-time data.

Knowledge is both power and your strategic advantage. YunoJuno's IR35 tools give you both insight and control - all within an easy-to-use interface.


Minimise your risk exposure.  

Partnering with YunoJuno to manage your freelancers may include insurance and indemnities cover for not just the legal fee’s but also for tax, interest and penalties.

Manage your compliance from a single dashboard.

IR35 compliance on YunoJuno provides you with a single platform to manage all your freelance engagements. Control the entire process with a clear audit trail of your decisions as well as full visibility of all contracts, communication and billing.

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IR35 COVID Delay Peitition Update

Over 10,000 signatures were gathered in a recent petition lodged by YunoJuno Founder, Shib Mathew, to delay IR35 legislation until COVID-19 is resolved. Follow the link to read HM Treasury's formal response in accordance with UK Government Petition guidelines.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will IR35 be delayed again?
Can we still work with all freelancers?

Yes, however this is a decision that your organisation will take a view on. If you’re a small business clientit’s likely that IR35 won’t affect you (see FAQ - Are there any exemptions?). Some  clients who are not exempt are now not working with PSC’s (personal service companies)removing the need to do IR35 compliance within their organisation. Others are going to continue working with all freelancers and will adapt their process to ensure compliance.

Regardless of how your organisation reacts to IR35, you will be able to use YunoJuno to source and manage freelancer talent in the same efficient and transparent way

What is reasonable care?
Can I just put everyone inside of IR35 to keep HMRC happy?
What are the risks for non-compliance?
Do my freelancers have to use an umbrella company?
Is YunoJuno an Umbrella company?
Are there any exemptions?

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