Rates and Project Lengths for QA/Testing Freelancers

The most comprehensive study on freelancer day rates and project lengths in the UK QA/testing industry, by the country's leading marketplace of premium talent.

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YunoJuno is committed to providing a new level of transparency to both freelancers and companies alike. The following data is from our 2019/20 Freelancer Rates Report - a study based on over 25,000 bookings on the YunoJuno platform in 2019.


Data for rates in the QA/testing category

The average day rate for freelancers working in QA / Testing in 2019 was £313 per day with the most common range being £250-350 per day. Those in the top 10% of the discipline earned at least £470 per day indicating that those with specifically desired expertise can command a significantly higher day rate.

If the project represents a great opportunity I’m more flexible with my rate as I recognise the experience will give me more rate leverage in the future.

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Data for project lengths in the QA/testing category

In this specifically skilled discipline, there was the largest disparity between project lengths. The average length in 2019 was approximately seven weeks (34 working days) but project’s in the top 10% ran for nearly seven months (144 days). This reveals the level of assurance required by clients on large complex and transformative projects and thus significantly elongates a freelancer’s stay with a client.

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