Rates and Project Lengths for Market Research Freelancers

The most comprehensive study on freelancer day rates and project lengths in the UK market research industry, by the country's leading marketplace of premium talent.

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YunoJuno is committed to providing a new level of transparency to both freelancers and companies alike. The following data is from our 2019/20 Freelancer Rates Report - a study based on over 25,000 bookings on the YunoJuno platform in 2019.


Data for rates in the market research category

Covering a range of specialised roles and project requirements, working within Market Research in 2019 had an average rate of £557 per day, one of the highest amongst all disciplines. Even with a most common range of £401-£500 per day, with the sector having a broad variety of project requirements, the higher day rate reflects the complexity of the expertise required.

I find it helpful to have evidence of what other clients pay me, plus an understanding of the going rate in the industry. If the client wants to negotiate, I prefer to do so in person/over the phone (rather than by email) as it’s a more personal means of communication. Just make sure you go into the conversation prepared.

Jo Curran - Market Researcher
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Data for project lengths in the market research category

The average project length for those working in the Market Research category is approximately two months (36 working days), with those in the top 10%working on projects three times as long for an average of 92 working days per project showing the broad nature of projects within the discipline.

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