Rates and Project Lengths for Film & Motion Freelancers

The most comprehensive study on freelancer day rates and project lengths in the UK Film & Motion industry, by the country's leading marketplace of premium talent.

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YunoJuno is committed to providing a new level of transparency to both freelancers and companies alike. The following data is from our 2019/20 Freelancer Rates Report - a study based on over 25,000 bookings on the YunoJuno platform in 2019.

Freelance Rates Film & Motion

Data for rates in the film & motion category

The most common rate range was £250-350 per day for those working in the film & motion discipline; with the average earning of £352, an increase of over 5% from the previous year. The top 10% of day rates was £425 per day. With the averages and top 10% rates being near to one another, this demonstrates that there are more standardised rates for freelancers in the sector.

Understand your worth to the team and to the producer. Trying to get a rough idea of the budget - there’s nothing worse than realising that you haven’t negotiated hard enough and other freelancers around you are getting paid a lot more for the same work.
Anthony Le - Editor & Motion Designer
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Book Anthony

Data for project lengths in the creative category

The average project length within creative in 2019 was 9 working days per project, with even the top 10% being just 20 working days. Project tasks for freelancers are more clearly defined in the category, and require freelancers to develop longer lasting relationships with clients to ensure repeat work.

Freelance Rates Film & Motion

Over 12,000 of the world’s most innovative companies trust YunoJuno with their freelancer needs

YunoJuno offers WONGDOODY access to a lot of great freelancers, supporting us with an account manager and talent manager.

Emma Dawson, Lead Talent Acquisition, EMEA
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YunoJuno offers WONGDOODY access to a lot of great freelancers, supporting us with an account manager and talent manager.

Emma Dawson, Lead Talent Acquisition, EMEA

YunoJuno has reduced the time and admin spent on completing IR35 compliance for all of our freelancers. It's revolutionised how quickly we can hire someone, in a fully compliant way.

Emma Hughes, Senior Creative Producer

YunoJuno is a great platform for finding the best freelancers and really happy with the support of the team there. Super easy to use and it takes care of all our freelancing requirements. All-in-all, it's been a great solution for me and for our Creative Studio at OVO Energy. Happy to recommend YunoJuno to all of my contacts.

Natasha Montgomery, Creative Resource Manager

It's helpful to have the contracts/ briefs and bookings all in one place.The team from YJ are really helpful and make the process smooth.

Tessa Schimetat, Senior Production Manager

The recruitment portal on YunoJuno is really clear and easy to use. It's super helpful to have the list of candidates and all our invoices in one place and to be paid on time. The team is helpful, knowledgeable and on hand to help with any questions we have. Would be great if more of our clients used YunoJuno to manage their freelancers.

Daniel Levy

YunoJuno IR35 process is a seamless experience and takes a lot of the stress away. YunoJuno really helps from an agility and productivity perspective, quickly answering the business needs and helping to create a much more diverse and output focused team. The quick payment of freelancers at YJ is a game changer. We've managed to reduce time to hire from a week to a couple of hours.

Senior Project Manager

I really enjoy working with YunoJuno. The platform is user friendly, intuitive and the Account Management team has been responsive and on hand to help throughout the entire process.Working with YunoJuno, I have been able to onboard, hire and manage my freelancers seamlessly and with speed.

EMEA Marketing Director, Creator, Emerging, Social

I have to say a huge thanks to your team — YunoJuno has saved us on many occasions now.

Christine Richter, Creative Operations Manager

We haven’t used a recruiter in ages, working closely with the YunoJuno Talent team we moved to sourcing 100% via the YJ Marketplace.

Marie Brittain, Resource Manager

YunoJuno have been brilliant in identifying remote working freelancers who always deliver. From first introductions and telephone calls, to brief discussions and final delivery, the key has been good, clear and honest communication.

Nick Astor, Content Strategy & Execution Lead

Frequently asked questions

When should I hire a Film &Motion expert?

There are several reasons why now might be the time to hire a film and motion Freelancer. This includes:

Time — Film and motion freelancers are experts within their field, so have the ability to deliver quickly and professionally,, especially if time is a key factor.

Skills/knowledge — There are freelancers that have worked in different industries and fields and have been working on film and motion jobs for several years. After several years of working, their skills have improved. They are highly qualified and deliver the highest quality.

Ideas — If you are creating videos for the first time, you will find it hard to come up with new and unique ideas. Some of these videographers have worked with several businesses so they can help you come up with brilliant ideas.

Results — With 78% of people watching online videos every week, and 55% viewing online videos every day, it is important to work with an expert that can help deliver engaging content that best represents your brand.

Why choose a YunoJuno Film & Motion Freelancer?

Each of our film & motion experts have been manually vetted by our dedicated onboarding team to ensure they have the right skills and experience to be considered an elite freelancer. They have their own profile that outlines their skills and experience, giving you the opportunity to review this to ensure they have the right background for your project.

What type of Film & Motion Freelancer do I need?

We have various types of video freelancers including:

  • 3D Designer
  • Motion Graphics
  • Videography
  • Animation
  • Video Editing

Each of our freelancers have a profile page that outlines their skills and experience, giving  you the ability to review their work to ensure you are hiring the right freelancer, with the right background for your project.

Alternatively, you can engage directly with our Talent Team. Not only can they help you create your brief, to detail exactly what you’re looking for, they can also help with shortlisting candidates, to ensure you find the right freelancer to get the job done.

Where can I download the full 2019/20 Rates Report?

We believe this information should be available and transparent to both freelancers and companies alike. That's why this report is completely free to download. No required email before downloading. No catch.

Download the full report here.

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