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Top 8 reasons for hiring marketing freelancers in 2022

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Kat Shepherd
Kat Shepherd
January 10, 2022
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With the fastest-growing freelance market in the UK, 2021 saw over 2.2 million adults working as a freelancer. Whilst we are already aware of the many benefits working with experts in their field can bring to projects, this is often something our clients feedback to us.

If you’re considering working with a marketing freelancer in 2022, or want to understand some of the benefits it could have for your business, we’ve pulled together the top 8 reasons why working with marketing professionals is a great idea;

1. Marketing is one of the most popular freelance skills in the UK

As one of the most popular freelance skills in the UK, marketing experts make up 45% of the skilled workforce. This means there will be someone to suit your business perfectly, bringing their own perspective and skills to your creative campaigns.

Marketing sits alongside programming & IT as one of the more prevalent types of skilled freelance work, which is great news for businesses looking for a professional to invest in and improve their campaigns.

2. They have additional skills like copywriting and social media

Again, freelance marketing professionals bring a wealth of additional skills too like copywriting and social media marketing. Content has quickly become one of the most popular ways for brands to market and reach new audiences and as more businesses recognise the importance of good copy, the demand for copywriting has increased too.

Most marketing freelancers have additional skill sets highlighted on their profiles on YunoJuno so you can choose the best creative professional for your campaign, based on their other strengths.

3. Working with marketing freelancers brings a fresh perspective to your brand

Bringing in someone who specialises in creative marketing campaigns will help bring a fresh perspective to your current marketing material. Perhaps you want to explore a new tone of voice for your brand? Or your in-house teams want to experiment with the channels you use but don’t have resources?

Working with a marketing expert will help breathe life into your campaigns and refresh your creative material to bring a new approach to your projects.

4. Apply their expert knowledge to your campaigns

Marketing freelancers will have lots of experience conducting high-performing campaigns that can benefit businesses like yours too. They’ll apply various skills and expert knowledge they’ve gained from years of working in the marketing industry so your business benefits from the latest in marketing practices.

This also means your business benefits from a range of previous campaigns- and most importantly the successful parts from them! Hiring a marketing freelancer will mean your campaign is far more likely to succeed, thanks to their previous experience with brands like yours.

5. They’ll save valuable time creating and executing marketing campaigns

This is one of the key features of hiring a marketing professional- saving valuable time!

Instead of taking time to brainstorm creative ideas or spending time preparing a campaign, they’ll be experienced enough to hit the ground running, knowing exactly where to start to help get your campaign off to a solid start.

Supporting your in-house teams will be a cost-effective approach too, as often valuable internal resources get used up when creating new campaigns. Hiring an expert will accelerate your marketing efforts, taking the pressure off your teams at the same time.

6. They’re on top of the latest trends in marketing

Marketing freelancers have to keep their fingers on the pulse with emerging trends, meaning your business benefits from the latest in marketing practices.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, so hiring an expert who can stay on top of the latest trends and what’s working right now is a great reason to work with a marketing professional. It will help position your business as a leader within your field, instead of simply being reactive with your campaigns.

7. Marketing freelancers are a cost-effective alternative  

Working with a marketing freelancer means working with someone experienced in managing budgets too. If you’re running paid advertising online, a marketing freelancer will be able to optimise and manage your budgets so they’re not burning through poorly -performing ads.

Marketing experts will also know how to respond quickly to parts of your campaign that might not perform as well whilst using a new approach for your brand, making brave decisions based on their own experience and knowledge.

From knowing where best to spend your marketing budget, to providing cost-effective alternatives, working with marketing professionals on bigger projects will help direct budgets where they’re most effective.

8. They’re also well connected and have access to tools

When you hire freelancers, you also bring on board a wealth of tools and resources- as well as a great network of other freelancers! As marketing professionals, they’ll be using the latest tools and technology to help run and support campaigns which means your business benefits at no extra cost.

Freelance marketers have already dedicated their time and understanding on how best to use these tools, meaning your own teams can focus on the project instead of learning how to use new tools and systems.

Benefit from working with the best with YunoJuno

Partnering with industry professionals is the best way for businesses to invest in their marketing and enjoy successful ROI. Why not start today and head into 2022 with some of the best freelance professionals around.

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AspectEmployeeIndependent Contractor
Control and supervisionDirect control over how, when, and where to workFreedom to set their own schedules and methods
PaymentRegular wages; taxes withheld by employerPaid per project; responsible for their own taxes
BenefitsHealth insurance, retirment plans, paid leaveMust arrange their own benefits
TerminationOften requires notice and may include severanceCan usually be terminated at any time without benefits
Tools and equipmentProvided by the employerTypically use their own tools

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