The 2021 For Everyone Report

Insights into the gender divide within the UK’s creative & tech freelance community , by the UK's largest marketplace of premium talent.

Welcome to the 2021 Gender Equality Report.

Welcome to this year’s UK For Everyone Report. Since its incorporation, YunoJuno has held the belief that transparency not only helps inform the decision making process of both freelancers and hirers alike, it also drives the future of work forward. That's why this report is a free resource to all.

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Why this matters

Freelancers are doing work that will be seen by billions of people. So, as an industry, we have a duty to ensure that we’re creating work that influences a culture we are proud of. And even if we at YunoJuno can’t affect the work that gets made, we can highlight where there is room to level the playing field by showcasing great creative and tech talent regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or beliefs. In doing so, we can help the freelance community and client network logging on to YunoJuno access to a talent pool as diverse as the people they will influence.

This is the motivation behind this report and we are proud to champion equality in every way. For everyone.

What can I expect in the report?

Bookings split

The  report shows where the disparity lies across 14 disciplines as well as highlighting  the change across previous years.

Pay gaps

Each category is then accompanied by data highlighting where there are gaps in freelancer rates as well as how this has changed in recent years.

In the spotlight

This years report is honoured to hear from women who have excelled in their own careers and what they believe to be the way forward in building more inclusive organisations and championing equality in what they do.

More diversity, better products
"If we want to build better products that are inclusive, and for everybody, then we need diversity and inclusion in the teams that are building these products."
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