What is a Freelance Management System?

Hiring freelancers gives you a cost effective solution to hiring the right talent to meet your business needs. Helping you to become more competitive, it enables you to complete projects quickly, without permanently adding to your overheads.

With over 2 million freelancers in the UK, it’s no surprise businesses are looking to technology and freelance management platforms to manage their fastest growing workforce, replacing legacy methods and Manage Service Providers (MSP’s).

As you grow the number of freelancers you manage, the necessity of a robust compliant solution increases. With various routes into an organisation, you can quickly lose sight of your freelancer spend, and your businesses compliance obligations.

70% of executives believe they will engage more freelancers

Recent studies from BCG and McKinsey suggest that 90% of business leaders believe that a blended model of permanent and freelance workforces give them a competitive edge, and 70% of executives believe that they will engage more freelance workers than they did pre Covid.

When speaking with our clients, some of the top line challenges they face include:

  • Ensuring IR35, SDC, and general compliance, as well as the necessary identification checks.
  • Visibility and control over the end to end process of working with freelancers and everything that entails, including; contracts, commercials, forecasts, approval flows and general tracking.
  • Making sure freelance workers sign all necessary legal and contractual documents and that these are stored in accordance with GDPR.
  • Sourcing and finding the right talent, at the right time, in the most efficient and cost effective way.
  • Paying multiple invoices to both freelancers and suppliers.
  • Management of your recruiter preferred suppliers list (PSL), tracking ownership and performance reducing costs.
  • Admin heavy processes that are outdated and not visible to the business

What is a Freelance Management System?

A Freelance Management System (FSM) provides a centralised point of truth, helping you with compliance, control and visibility over your freelancer management and spend. Giving you much needed control where previously there was potentially none, and/or it replacing the legacy analog, heavy and clunky MSP model.

With a FMS in place, you have insight into accurate information, empowering you to make better resource decisions. A best in class freelancer management system gives you:

  • All IR35 & SDC tax compliance is managed in platform so companies no longer have to have multiple relationships with 3rd party compliance partners.
  • Insurance on all Outside IR35 contracts to the value of £100k - giving peace of mind.
  • Payments to all freelancers and their associated recruiters, in their preferred currency and payment method, while companies pay only one invoice (deducting tax at source when required).
  • A searchable database of all freelancer contacts and the ability to find new freelancer talent through your recruitment network.
  • Real-time budget management, providing visibility and control to reduce admin, costs and sourcing overheads.
  • All contracts managed and stored in platform meaning no more paperwork.
  • Automated onboarding and off-boarding workflows.
  • Verified workplace identification compliance.

YunoJuno Freelance Management System

Clients using YunoJuno Freelance Management System have:

  • 100% IR35 compliance within platform workflows.
  • 13% reduction in sourcing costs equating to over £250k of savings.
  • Achieved 98% positive booking feedback.
  • £100k insurance on each individual Outside IR35 contracts, provided by Zurich.
  • Payments to all freelancers and their recruitment partners within 14 days, meaning freelancers and clients can focus on what they do best.
  • 100% of freelancer identity checks, insurance and contracts  automatically verified and stored.

A FMS solves a multitude of problems for companies, big and small, be it to create a process, reduce admin and payment headaches, to full IR35 and other compliance workflows.

MSP’s have a place, however they can be slow and clunky, often taking many weeks to bring someone into a business once they’re initially found. YunoJuno works at speed, whilst also ensuring compliance. Bookings take minutes, not weeks.

As the #1 Freelance Management Platform in the UK, YunoJuno makes it easy for companies to source, manage and work with your freelancer workforce.

With the largest number of freelancers in the UK, we also provide you with access to a marketplace of over 30,000 industry vetted creative and tech freelancers, for you to engage with directly, easily finding someone right for your project. This community is regularly reviewed to ensure quality, and when using the marketplace, you are supported by a talent team to help with sourcing and shortlisting.

If you have any questions or would like to understand how a freelance management system can support your business, book a demo here.

“For us, the benefits of using YunoJuno are across the board. It allows us to brief and hire freelancers quickly and easily, making it very simple for us to scale resource on any given project at any time. It also allows us to quickly find freelancers across multiple industries, all from the same place.”

Chris Ashby - Brewdog
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