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Tips to writing a strong cover note

Tips For A Strong Cover Note | Freelancer Tips
Andy Stone
Andy Stone
March 23, 2021
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A cover note gives you an opportunity for potential clients to see what you can bring to their brief and what value you can add over another freelancer. With first impressions counting, we’ve pulled together our top tips for creating a strong cover note.

Get to the point - quickly.

Keep it brief but respond to the brief

Every brief has a unique problem it's trying to resolve. You should tailor your cover note to help address the specific problem. Don't copy and paste long introductions. It is better to write something short and relevant, that is tailored to the brief, than include a long generalised introduction.

Some briefs may have specific requirements. Ensure you read the brief fully and respond to these details, calling them out within the cover note, to let them know you can help them with this. It can help them make a decision easier, knowing you have the specific experience needed.

Pull out key experiences and skills

With your YJ profile detailing your skills and work history, the cover note should expand on relevant experience and why hiring you is a good idea. Don’t copy and paste information from your profile, as your cover note could lack the compelling pitch needed to make a strong impression.

Highlight anything that isn’t detailed on your YJ profile, especially if it's applicable to the brief. If you have a portfolio, include any specific projects, by including URLs to showcase your skills further for the client to review. This can help clients quickly see experience and help them make an informed decision.

Be confident and honest

Be bold but measured. You have the necessary skills and experience to get the job done, so ensure you come across confidently in your response.  

Honesty is crucial too, so let them know when you’re available or if you have any restrictions on your time. There is nothing worse than getting to the interview to realise the contract doesn’t suit either of you.

Invite them to contact you to discuss anything in more detail, as this lets them know that you're interested in the role and are enthusiastic about discussing the opportunity further.

Is your profile up to date?

Before you submit your interest, read through the brief again to make sure you haven't missed any key information and your cover note showcases your experience whilst also responding to the brief.

Don’t forget to keep your profile up to date too. Check your profile supports the application and showcases the skills needed for the role.

We have pulled together further tips on creating a strong freelance profile on YunoJuno here.

Cover notes give clients a glimpse into what you can bring to their company, so it's important you give the best impression.


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