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Running a tight ship, AKA Project Management with Pren Moodley, Sweet FA Finalist

What Freelance Project Managers Do With Pren Moodley
Ewa Magiera
Ewa Magiera
November 17, 2022
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When it comes to popular freelance services, project management has always been in high demand, as clients need the experience of a highly organised freelancer to help structure and execute projects. From refreshing websites, creating the next marketing campaign or general internal projects that need structure, freelance project managers like Pren Moodley offer guidance and reassurance to clients when they need it most.

Firstly, we asked Pren what a freelance project manager actually does:

Run a tight ship! We manage and assign budgets,  help guide and manage the project team, as well as client expectations and, of course, timelines.”

We asked Pren how long she’d been freelancing as a project manager: “I first started freelancing in 2008 for two years due to redundancy until I went back to full-time employment in 2010. Then in  2017 I was made redundant again and had become disillusioned with a permanent work structure.

I like the flexibility of managing when and where I work and being my own boss that only comes with being freelance.”

And does Pren have any tips for someone considering going freelance as a project manager? “It's important to understand managing your own taxes and the rules around IR35. Alternatively, it’s important to work with an accountant who can help you! If a client is rude or doesn't value you don't be afraid to move on, it’s not worth sticking around and feeling miserable. There are some good clients out there too, it’s about finding the right ones for you. It’s also important to know as a freelancer, you’ll be expected to hit the ground running, unlike a perm role, so be prepared for that.”

As well as tips, we then asked Pren to share any advice for new project managers who haven’t got lots of experience: “Ooh that's a tough one. Expectations for a freelancer are higher, i.e.  that you will come in and sort things out.

A cool head and a calm manner goes a long way.”

Running a freelance business also means freelancers are responsible for finding new clients and projects to work with, something Pren approaches with variety: “I use a combination of applying to briefs on YunoJuno, LinkedIn, dedicated agents and, of course, returning to previous clients when I’m looking for more work.”

And finally, we asked Pren how it felt on learning they’d been nominated for a Sweet FA 2022, and what client had nominated them: “I was really happy, it's always great to be nominated and recognised for your expertise. I was with Hogarth working across multiple clients including Coca Cola and Beats.”

If you’re looking for an experienced project manager to help out, book Pren here.

AspectEmployeeIndependent Contractor
Control and supervisionDirect control over how, when, and where to workFreedom to set their own schedules and methods
PaymentRegular wages; taxes withheld by employerPaid per project; responsible for their own taxes
BenefitsHealth insurance, retirment plans, paid leaveMust arrange their own benefits
TerminationOften requires notice and may include severanceCan usually be terminated at any time without benefits
Tools and equipmentProvided by the employerTypically use their own tools

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