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Shib Mathew
Shib Mathew
March 28, 2021

IR35 represents the biggest shift in the freelance economy for some time. From 6th April 2021, the legal responsibility for determining whether or not a contractor performing services is a ‘disguised employee’ (their ‘IR35 status’) will transfer from the contractor to the end-client.

To help, we have pulled together a series of emails to help you prepare for the changes and to ensure you’re aware of your responsibilities. As well as introducing you to IR35 safe, YunoJuno's end-to-end solution.

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From 6th April, you will need to assess each contract when engaging with a freelancer structured via a Personal Services Company (PSC).

To do the assessment you need to think carefully – it has more to do with working practices on the ground than contract terms but there are a number of factors that need considering (according to HMRC’s own guidance):

"Control, personal service, equipment, financial risk, basis of payment, mutuality of obligation, holiday pay, sick pay and pension rights, part and parcel of the organisation, right to terminate a contract, opportunity to profit from sound management, personal factors, length of engagement, intention of the parties."

IR35 Safe by YunoJuno - the assessment tool built by former HMRC Tax Inspectors

YunoJuno has spent the last two years creating the most appropriate tool for the market and the needs of our clients:

  • Built by former HMRC tax specialists to ensure the highest compliance.
  • Customised sign-off roles.
  • Assessment training.
  • In-person assessment escalation.
  • Transparent classification process and a clear pathway to booking - no surprises for your chosen freelancer.
  • Compliant Status Determination Statement (SDS).

IR35 management and protection by experts

IR35 Safe by YunoJuno is the end-to-end IR35 solution created by the UK's largest provider of premium freelance talent. With IR35 Safe, companies can hire freelancers with confidence as well as manage all compliance issues on an easy-to-use platform. Collaborating with experts in tax, legal, finance and human resources, IR35 Safe delivers what your organisation needs to get in front of HMRC’s legislative changes.

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Upcoming articles in the series:

Payments - how to manage this correctly in a post IR35 world

Managing payments to multiple freelancers across multiple business structures (PSC’s, Sole Traders and Umbrella Companies) will need a strong process and clear audit trails to show all tax obligations are met by your organisation. YunoJuno has grown to be the largest marketplace of elite freelancers in the UK, managing half-a-billion pounds of freelancer payments. Our platform makes the process of managing all your freelancer payments easy and fully compliant.

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Insurance - protection for the now and in the future

The IR35 Safe tool not only insures classifications during the time of the engagement, it is backed by Zurich Group with a 4 year coverage post contract completion.

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