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10 benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter

10 benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter
Max Kurton
Max Kurton
July 5, 2022
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If you’re a business owner, you need to hire a professional copywriter to help you create content for your website. Copywriters are qualified professionals who help communicate their messages effectively and can help you create relevant content for your target audiences.

Here are the top 10 reasons for hiring a freelance copywriter.

Get fresh, original content regularly

Copywriters can help you create unique content to engage your audience, build trust and increase sales. They can also write fresh content on your website. Seasonal products need to be promoted at certain times. Rather than creating all this content yourself, you can outsource it to a professional copywriter.

Copywriters give you more flexibility

Freelancers often work remotely and offer different services (e.g., blog posts, web content, social media marketing). You don’t need to work with one person; instead, you can hire multiple writers for different projects and tasks. This means that if one writer isn’t available when you need them or if they take longer than anticipated, other writers will be able to help out immediately without causing any delays.

Your team can concentrate on what they’re good at

You don’t need to be a writer to create a compelling website, but you need someone who can convey your message in the right way. If you don’t have a single person on your team who can write well, you will struggle to ensure all communication is clear, relevant, and engaging for your customers. A copywriter will give your business credibility and authority by helping you get your message across in the right way. At the same time, the rest of the team can focus on utilising the excellent written content to make their jobs easier.

Boost your search engine rankings

You must follow strict keywords and keyword density rules when writing your content. But when you hire a copywriter, you can focus on creating an excellent experience for the people who visit your site without worrying about whether or not it meets Google’s strict guidelines for SEO copywriting. This means that the copy will be much more readable than if someone on your team had written it, and it will naturally appear higher on search results pages because Google prefers readable content over keyword-stuffed text.

Old rule (2021 Independent Contractor Rule)New Rule (Effective March 11, 2024)
Basis of classificationRelied on a simpler, more straightforward approach that may not fully capture the complexity of modern work relationships.Restores a multifactor "economic reality" test that considers a wider range of factors to determine employment status.
Legal consistencyCriticised for deviating from established legal precedent and potentially leading to more misclassifications.Aims to align closely with longstanding legal precedent, offering more clarity and consistency in classification decisions.
Impact on workersConcerns were raised that it might make it easier to classify workers as independent contractors, potentially denying them employment benefits.Seeks to reduce the risk of misclassification, ensuring workers who should be classified as employees receive the benefits and protections that they're entitled to receive.
Guidance for employersProvide a simpler framework for employers to classify workers, which could lead to broader interpretations and confusion.Offers detailed guidance through the economic reality test, aiming to provide a clearer path for proper classification and reduce misclassifications.

Get an edge over your competitors

Suppose you want to stand out from the crowd and build a customer brand. The problem is that writing good content can be difficult and time-consuming. And if you don’t have a background in it, you may end up with something that doesn’t represent your brand or business very well. That’s where copywriters come in. When you hire a professional, they can create high-quality content for your website and social media accounts to help you stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.

Professional copywriters deliver results

You don’t have to be a great writer to attract customers; you only need to write great content for your site and social media accounts. Professional copywriters know how to create compelling content that will attract visitors and convert them into customers for your business. They also know how to write engaging copy to keep visitors coming back for more. Professional copywriters are worth every penny spent on their services if you want people to understand what makes your business different from others.

Create copy your customers will love

If you want your customers to buy from you, they must understand what you do and why they should buy from you. You must ensure that your copy is written to capture their attention and make them interested in your product. A professional copywriter will understand what your business does, what makes it unique, and how best to explain this in an engaging way to keep readers interested in what they are reading.

Copywriters save you money

A big part of your advertising budget is spent creating original content for your website and other marketing materials. You can spend a lot of money on writers or hire a copywriter at an affordable price. A professional copywriter will ensure that the content they write is unique and relevant to your business, so you don't have to worry about paying them to rewrite it later. This also allows you to be confident in the knowledge that you will see a strong return on investment by not wasting time because you would be able to save money by getting it right the first time.

Copywriters know the importance of variation in content

The world is full of boring and uninteresting content, so people often skip over entire paragraphs or even entire pages when they come across them online. This can be incredibly frustrating when you've paid good money for it. If you want people to keep reading your content, make sure it's varied, exciting, and engaging so that readers won't get bored and stop reading halfway through, or worse – click away from your website without spending any time there.

Copywriters save you time

Writing a blog post or an email doesn’t take much time if you have a firm idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it. But what about those times when you’re unsure or don’t have time? That’s where copywriters come in handy. A copywriter can help you get your ideas out of your head and onto paper (or computer screen). This will save you time because instead of worrying about what to say or how to say it, all you have to do is provide a brief description of the product or service and let the copywriter do their magic.

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