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"If you plan it, design it, build it, manage it, measure it or tell its story, YunoJuno is built for you."
Co-Founder, YunoJuno
"YunoJuno - and more importantly those who are behind this incredible platform - have completely changed my freelancer’s life for the better. Not only do they provide job opportunities with excellent clients but they also guarantee a payment in 14 days and that’s a massive load off any independent worker’s shoulders!"
Senior Integrated Designer
Member since 2015

How does it work?


Build a freelancer profile

The evidence is overwhelming - first impressions count. The quickest way to give confidence in your skills and experience is by showing it on your profile. Having a full, up-to-date profile helps clients gain confidence before starting a dialogue with you.

Accept or apply for a project brief

All project briefs are matched against the profile that you build. You can respond to a project brief you are directly shortlisted for and you can apply for other public briefs in your discipline.


Do the work, get paid in 14 days

YunoJuno takes all the stress out of the payment process for freelancers.

Once your time is approved, you can send your invoice directly to YunoJuno and we pay your invoice in 14 days. No more chasing a client for unpaid invoices!

"YunoJuno isn’t just a platform, it’s a complete support network that has been the missing piece for the freelance industry. It’s a privilege to be part of such a talented group of freelancers. I’ve had opportunities to work on some very exciting projects and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring."
Senior Developer
Member since 2016

YunoJuno Membership Benefits

YunoJuno has been the strategic and commercial advantage for organisations throughout the United Kingdom in finding and managing the best freelance talent for creative and tech projects.

An Elite Network
A curated and industry validated community.
Fast Payments
All invoices paid on 14 days and secured by HSBC.
A curated and industry validated community.
Real-time support from real-humans
Right-to-work, NDA’s - all taken care of in-platform.
Continually updating the platform to best serve our users.

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