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What is YunoJuno?

YunoJuno is a company built to provide a simpler, fully transparent and more efficient method in connecting the top-tier freelancers with the world's most innovative companies. What started as a marketplace of an industry's curated freelancers and employers is now a full end-to-end booking and management platform.

Since founding in 2012, we are now the most prolific provider of creative and tech freelancers in our launch city of London. Whether it's finding and managing a single freelancer for a project or building an enterprise human resource solution for large organisations, the YunoJuno platform is powering this dramatic shift towards freelancing. We have a single bold mission: to unlock the true potential of freelance. Read more about our story here.


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YunoJuno is built on the sole mission to make life easier for both freelancers and employers alike. Founded by the industry and built by freelancers, the platform gives us the ability to see when you're available and ready to start a new project. No need for us to pick up the phone or manually update a spreadsheet. Through YJ we can chat to you directly about upcoming projects, and we're not left searching through email chains about what's been discussed and agreed.

Also, they've made timesheets easier. You submit your time with one click and once approved, YunoJuno takes care of your payments so you never have to chase an invoice again!

You do the work, YunoJuno will handle the rest

Guaranteed Payments

All your invoices on YunoJuno bookings are guaranteed. No more chasing clients again!

Direct communication

Speak directly with potential clients and negotiate your own rates directly in our platform.

Full transparency

Have access to all your bookings in one place, with full view of all transactions.
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What to do from here

Simply click on the ‘Accept Invitation’ button below, then you’ll go straight into Ogilvy's Favourites List where you can register and set up your profile. The Ogilvy team can then contact you directly and discuss upcoming projects.

If you are already on YunoJuno, still click on the ‘Accept Invitation’ button to ensure you join the Ogilvy Favourites List.

If you’re currently in a contract at Ogilvy's, once you have accepted the invitation, a contract will be set up for you via YunoJuno shortly thereafter.

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Why 100,000+ freelancers trust YunoJuno

I cannot thank #YunoJuno enough for their support. They go above and beyond supporting the freelance community and to be a part of their team is a great privilege.

Matt Sewell, Senior/Lead Product/UI Designer
Matt Sewell
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I cannot thank #YunoJuno enough for their support. They go above and beyond supporting the freelance community and to be a part of their team is a great privilege.

Matt Sewell, Senior/Lead Product/UI Designer
Matt Sewell

I absolutely LOVE YunoJuno!

So much so, that I’m not on any other agency. They are Freelancer first, super transparent & a super nice bunch of peeps. The focus and attention they put on the community is unlike any other.

Jason, Motion Designer & Editor

YunoJuno is a great platform for freelancers to work with global brands. Without YunoJuno, I won’t be able to work with global brands. These projects on YunoJuno improved my career.

Uygar, Senior UX Designer

YunoJuno isn’t just a platform, it’s a complete support network that has been the missing piece for the freelance industry. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a talented group of freelancers. I’ve had opportunities to work on some very exciting projects and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Hannah, Senior Developer

YunoJuno - and more importantly those who are behind this incredible platform - have completely changed my freelancer’s life for the better. Not only do they provide job opportunities with excellent clients but they also pay promptly and that’s a massive load off any independent worker’s shoulders!

Olivier, Senior Integrated Designer

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