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10 benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer

10 benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer
Max Kurton
Max Kurton
June 28, 2022
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It can be hard to keep everything running smoothly when you run your own business. Managing employees, keeping track of schedules, and ensuring everything is done on time can be difficult for a business to handle alone. Having a graphic designer on your team can help build or improve your company’s brand image and visual appeal.

A graphic designer can be a real game-changer in your organisation. They can update website graphics, create bespoke content, help with company branding, and so much more. Here are some great benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer.

Boosts brand awareness and name recognition

When you hire a graphic designer to handle your branding project, it will boost your brand awareness. The designer will use their creativity and experience to develop a unique logo that will help you stand out from the crowd. They have been trained in designing, so they know how to make your logo look eye-catching and memorable. You can also count on them to come up with simple yet practical designs for your marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, posters, etc. This way, people will remember your business quickly and associate it with quality services or products.

Saving time and money

A professional graphic designer will ensure all aspects of your logo meet industry standards and regulations. They will also ensure that your logo is not similar to others in its category or industry, so it does not look generic or unoriginal. This saves time because you do not have to go through multiple iterations before coming up with something good enough. It also saves money because you do not have to pay for every little change made to your design. 

Builds your brand’s visual identity

In the graphic design industry, branding is everything. It makes you stand out from the competition and shows your customers that you have a unique style and vision. A good graphic designer will help you build a strong visual identity that reflects the personality of your business. This can be done by creating a logo, website design, social media graphics, and more. By building a consistent brand across all platforms, you’ll develop trust with your customers and create an emotional connection with them that will last for years to come.

Boosts employee morale, pride, and productivity

Graphic designers can also help boost employee morale by taking pride in presenting the company with modern designs. Employees who feel like they are part of something greater than themselves are more likely to go above and beyond for their employers when they’re proud of their company. Graphic designers can also provide valuable feedback on projects which helps employees see how their work impacts the company. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction, leading to higher productivity among staff members.

Reinforces professionalism

When people see a well-designed graphic or logo, they assume that whoever created it must be professional and trustworthy. A poorly designed graphic or logo can give off an unprofessional vibe and make people question whether or not they should trust you with their money or time. A well-designed graphic tells customers you know what you’re doing and have experience in your industry. An inexperienced business may not be able to afford professional design services regularly. Still, if they can find someone who does good work closer to their budget, they should take advantage of these opportunities as much as possible.

AspectEmployeeIndependent Contractor
Control and supervisionDirect control over how, when, and where to workFreedom to set their own schedules and methods
PaymentRegular wages; taxes withheld by employerPaid per project; responsible for their own taxes
BenefitsHealth insurance, retirment plans, paid leaveMust arrange their own benefits
TerminationOften requires notice and may include severanceCan usually be terminated at any time without benefits
Tools and equipmentProvided by the employerTypically use their own tools

It makes you stand out from the competition.

The main benefit of hiring a graphic designer is making your business stand out from the competition. If you don’t have a logo or branding, you are just another business in your industry. By hiring a graphic designer, you’ll get unique and customised graphics that will help set your business apart from others. This is especially important if you want to attract new customers.

Improves the readability, structuring, and presentation of heavy content

Many companies have lots of written content on their websites, making it difficult for visitors to find what they want. The use of custom-designed graphics makes it easier for visitors to see what they need on your website without scrolling through pages of text. This means that your site will be more user-friendly, resulting in more sales for your company.

Builds trust and credibility

When you hire a graphic designer, you trust them to represent you, your business, and your brand. The designer will work closely with you to understand your values, goals, and personality. They will use this information to create a unique visual identity that reflects your company's values and goals. This will help build trust and credibility in the marketplace because it shows that you are serious about your business.

Has the power of persuasion

A good graphic designer knows how to use colours, fonts, and images to influence the emotions of the viewer or reader. When they design a logo or website, they know how to use these elements to evoke positive reactions from their customers. For example, if they want their client to feel energetic, they might use bright colours like red or yellow; if they want their client to feel relaxed and comfortable, they might choose pastels like green or blue.

Tell Your Story

Graphic designers know how to tell stories through images. They understand how colour, contrast, and composition can convey emotion. They also know how to use the imagery to engage audiences and remember your brand. This can be especially important when you get more customers or clients or engage new ones.

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