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Freelancer FAQ's When Joining YunoJuno
Ewa Magiera
Ewa Magiera
June 5, 2023
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Who is YunoJuno?

YunoJuno is the leading all-in-one platform to find, hire, manage and pay freelancers and contractors.Trusted by companies like Google, WPP, BBC,, PepsiCo and Deliveroo, it combines a curated marketplace of premium professional talent with everything else needed for the entire hiring lifecycle.

Which type of freelancers and contractors is it for?

It’s for freelancers and contractors who have mid- to senior experience working in their industry.

Here’s the list of industries we currently support in:

(Click and scroll down the pages below to see the kind of roles YunoJuno clients are looking for)

What makes the YunoJuno platform different to others?

We’re unique in many ways - here are just some of them:

  • We work with top companies such as Netflix, Dentsu, Google, Deliveroo or Hogarth, but also with budding startups - so you’re very likely to find the projects of the right size and scope for you.
  • It’s a vetted community, which means we verify references and work history for all community members  to the network. Ultimately, we love and will support any freelance community member to shine and demonstrate your skills to secure the role that you want. By doing this, it gives potential hirers the ability to make an informed decision when hiring.
  • You get paid 14 days after submitting your timesheet - you’ll never have to chase your client again. Once a timesheet is approved by your hirer - we take care of the payment and money lands in your bank account in 14 days
  • You get access to members-only perks - discounts, coworking space, freelancer insurance and many more!
  • YJ is free for freelancers.. We don’t charge freelancers or take a cut from your rate. We make our money from the hirer and we are 100% transparent about all our rates.

How can I join the community?

To join the community sign up here and create your profile.

Check out our top tips on how to make a great profile to help land your dream role.

What’s the screening process?

While there are no practical or technical entry tests, we do want to verify two things:

  • That every freelancer has considerable experience in the field they specialise in. That’s why we ask you to submit information about at least three projects you’ve worked on and provide reference contacts.
  • That the freelancer is a legitimate business structure in the country of their residence. For example, here in the UK, we accommodate sole traders, limited companies or freelancers who operate under umbrella companies.

What’s the average day rate in my industry?

You can find the information on sample day rates (for 2020 in the UK) in here:

How often can I find projects to work on?

The average number of projects depends on the industry and the type of project (remote/on site/full time/part time/long-time), so it’s also largely dependent on your project preferences. Someone contracted for 10 months, full time, may get one project per year, but a freelancer who focuses on short term projects may get as much as 4-5.

What definitely helps in getting noticed is having a detailed profile, with a comprehensive introduction, detailed work experience and references. Clients want to know who you are as much as what you’ve worked on.

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