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YunoJuno is the leading marketplace for elite freelance service designers Brands such as Google, BBC, IBM and Nike choose us to provide high quality service design experts to help them with their ux projects.

Why hire an experienced freelance Service Designer?

Sitting at a strategic level, Service designers take a human-centred design approach, placing equal value on the customer experience as well as the business process. It aims to create quality customer experiences, and seamless service delivery through collaborative methods that engage both customers and the service delivery team. With being freelance, they may have the opportunity to move quicker than an in-house team, as they can be flexible with their hours, and bring a broad range of expertise from the many projects they've worked on.

What does a freelance Service Designer do?

Service designers design the end-to-end journey of a service, helping a user complete their goal and deliver the system intent.

Some of their responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Design the User Journey Map to identify pain points and issues that need to be addressed in a given service.
  • Plan and execute co-creation workshops with stakeholders in order to propose the most viable solution for a given problem.
  • Use the available resources to prototype services in order to validate ideas and iterate on it.
  • Ensure that Process & Service designs are operable, maintainable, scalable and robust.
  • Design the Service Blueprint and prepare it to be presented and delivered to the client.

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Hire the best Service Designers available in the UK right now!

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Since day one, YunoJuno has been a curated marketplace of the very best freelancers. We know the importance of hiring the right person for a project in order to deliver the best results. Our freelancers are not only experts in their fields, they understand the value their choice in being a freelancer brings to a project.

I went freelance so I could own my workload, pick up skills from different working environments and meet amazing people who have become both friends and teachers.

Kate Margolis - Lead UX/UI Designer

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