How it works for freelancers

Being an elite freelancer just got better

Getting registered

The easiest way to become a YunoJuno member is to build a great profile. If we can see why you’re an expert in your field, then so can potential employers when looking for the perfect freelancers for their project.

During registration we’ll guide you through the process to ensure that you look your best to potential employers.

Once approved you’ll be able to access everything that YunoJuno has to offer.

Getting work

Manage your availability, respond to briefs in seconds and speak directly with employers. The control is in your hands.

You choose your day rate and you can discuss your rate for different projects directly with employers.

Continually build your YunoJuno profile with recent work, additional skills and updated experience.

Getting paid

All YunoJuno freelancers in a contract are paid on 14 days of their invoices. No more chasing invoices. No more late payment. No catch.

Simply complete a timesheet in one-click at the end of each week.

Working directly with your own client

YunoJuno Direct transforms the way a freelancer manages their direct work.

As members, our freelancers can book a project through their YunoJuno account and take advantage of HSBC invoice protection to ensure all their invoices are paid on 14 days.

“YunoJuno make finding a contract, setting a rate and getting paid so easy. It means I can concentrate on what I do best - design - and not waste hours on paperwork. Result!”