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Better than any job search, YunoJuno is the top platform for creative freelance jobs.

YunoJuno makes getting paid hassle-free. It makes finding a contract, setting a rate and getting paid so easy. It means I can concentrate on what I do best — design — and not waste hours on paperwork. Result!

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Never chase payments again.

All YunoJuno freelancers in a contract are paid by YunoJuno — not the hirer. This means you're paid upon timesheet approval - that's it. No more chasing payments! Simply complete a timesheet in one click at the end of each week and get paid exactly what you set as your day rate — YunoJuno's fee to your hirer is on top of your rate so nothing will ever be taken out of your pay!

Be a part of our exclusive London community of creative workers.

Do you freelance in front or back-end development, quality assurance, web design and illustration, copywriting, art direction, or any other creative digital role in London? We accept a limited number of freelancer applications each year as we want to remain an exclusive network of London's most experienced freelancers. This curation has proven incredibly successful to our reputation as we have a 97% positive approval on all YunoJuno bookings.

It's like angels sent you specifically to help me book work.

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How does YunoJuno work?

1. Create an impressive freelancer profile

To start off, create a persuasive profile, including work history, a link to your portfolio, skills tags, and engaging bio, and apply to join our community. Once approved, you'll start receiving briefs from interested organisations who can then shortlist you for upcoming projects.

2. Negotiate and communicate with your prospective clients directly

Clients shortlist you for upcoming projects based on your chosen discipline, your profile, and your day rate. Once shortlisted, you can communicate over prospective roles right within your project within YunoJuno. Confirm your availability and negotiate your day rate from the outset.

3. Accept your booking with confidence

Confidence the work won't fall through — if either side has to finish the project early, there's notice built into your contract. Confidence that you'll be paid on time for the work you've delivered — we do HSBC credit checks on all clients before they can hire any freelancers through YunoJuno. Confidence that you can just focus on doing your best work. All you have to do is fill out your weekly timesheet and send us your invoice with the unique weekly PO number we email you.

4. Manage it all in one place

YunoJuno isn't just a tool for your prospective clients, it's one for you too. Many members of our elite network find our processes so reliable and our projects so exciting they only do freelance jobs from YunoJuno. Others invite all their clients to join YunoJuno so they can streamline their admin — and guarantee that timely pay! Others just use us when an interesting project catches their eye. Once accepted, you can use YunoJuno in whatever way works best for you and your creative career.

5. Gather. Rinse. Repeat.

Keep checking your YunoJuno dashboard to see the exciting opportunities waiting for you. Any work you do through YunoJuno will automatically show up as validated in your work history upon completion, with a request sent to the company to add a referral. Soon enough, your YunoJuno public profile might outshine your LinkedIn one!

6. Get recognised!

We love to celebrate the exceptional contribution that freelancers are making to the creative and tech industries. This December we will celebrate the fourth annual Freelancer Awards — or, as we affectionately call them, ‘The Sweet FAs'. In 2017, we had more than 1,600 nominations and thousands of votes, making it the freelancer event of the year!

See more of the 2017 Sweet FAs here.

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