The YunoJuno story

A platform for freelancers and employers, built by freelancers and employers.

The story so far

YunoJuno’s beginnings are much like many other good ideas - born from a frustration of the manual process, its founders knew there had to be a better way.

In the Summer of 2012, three guys from the creative and tech world came together to build a community and platform by which quality freelancers and great employers could connect with each other in a direct, transparent and cost-effective way.

And to practice what they preached, they chose to build their entire product with the freelance community and employer network they aim to serve (see all below).

Welcome to YunoJuno.

Our story
  • Jan 2012

    Everyone starts somewhere

    Three guys from the world of creative and tech meet at various pubs across London to discuss their idea for direct, transparent and exclusive community for freelancers and employers.

  • Apr 2012

    Building the community

    Pub sessions extend to their wider freelancer and employer network in order to ascertain if the idea had legs. The response being overwhelmingly positive, this group become the founding members of the new YunoJuno network.

  • Jun 2012


    The three guys double down on their idea, empty their personal savings accounts, and to practice what they preached, hire freelancers to build a bootstrapped product.

  • Sep 2012

    JC joins Team YJ

    YunoJuno finds its first angel investor - Jon Claydon - and convince him to become YJ Chairman. Founders suitably subdued.

  • Feb 2013

    YunoJuno Version 1.0

    YunoJuno Version 1 released. Built entirely by freelancer network. Spent the next year doing two things: 1) Grow the pool of elite freelancers and employers; and 2) Improve the product.

  • Feb 2013

    Our very first booking

    First freelancer booking the day after YJ version 1.0 is released. YJ founders ensure the precious package is delivered safe and sound.

  • Jun 2013

    Marketing 1.0

    First attempt at bootstrapped PR: Stand in the rain outside a digital conference handing out cupcakes. #Fail.

  • Oct 2013

    Brett Akker joins Team YJ

    Founder of - Brett Akker - joins Team YJ as angel investor and advisor.

  • May 2014

    The pink gin incident

    Second attempt at bootstrapped PR: Produce YunoJuno Pink Gin, deliver to clients, gin ferments, offices need evacuating, people hospitalised. #epicfail. Abandon PR initiatives, stick to building a good product.

  • Sep 2014

    Team YJ grows

    We bring in the experts to help us notch things up a gear.

  • Jan 2015

    Our very own home

    We move to our shiny new office in Bolsover Street, W1.

  • Jun 2015

    Team YJ grows some more

    All team outings now require a sub-committee.

  • Oct 2015

    We bought a ham

    In September, we smashed every metric we measure (and there are a lot of them). So as a reward, and to be consistent with the founders love of food, we purchased one sweet iberico ham from our favourite Spanish restaurant down the street. Other companies chat at the water cooler, we do it slicing meat.

  • Dec 2015

    Sweet F.A.

    YunoJuno launches the inaugural Freelancer Awards - celebrating and recognising all the amazing work freelancers do in our industry. All photos of YJ CEO attempting ‘the helicopter’ have since been permanently deleted.

  • Jul 2016


    YunoJuno Bicycle Club begins. For lovers of bike rides as well as post-ride recovery drinks. (Chap on the ElliptiGo is not with us.)

The Team

All the lovely people that have helped build YJ since the very beginning.


Claire Liddiard
Account Manager

James Orpin
Commercial Partner


Aaron Fernandez
Talent Executive

Alan Hansborough
Account Manager

Alasdair Scott
Front-End Developer

Angie Tiwari
Account Manager

Charlotte Ross
Delivery Executive

Chloe Spooner
Account Manager

Daniela Cadore
Product Designer

Darian Moody
Platform Developer

Donna Hill
Procurement Consultant

Ed Rigg
Account Manager

Eleni Lixourioti
Platform Developer

Elli Morii
Chief Financial Officer

Estella Reed
Talent Manager

Jack Nguyen
Customer Service Executive

Jack Spencer
Account Director

Juan Martinez
Front-end Developer

Leo Morgan
Data Analyst

Madeline O'Donoghue
Account Manager

Maksud Khan
Marketing Intern

Mark Stone
Brand Planner

Matt Ellis
Brand Designer

Maurizio Pedrazzoli Grazioli
Head of Product

Patrick Traynor
VP of Sales

Sagar Limbu
Finance Intern

Sam Sylvester
Account Manager

Samantha Hepburn
Head of Community

Sarah Thompson
Senior Account Manager

Tom Young

Will Clark
Art Director


Adrian Anslow
Data Analyst

Alistair Dance
Lead Designer

Andrew Stone
Head of Delivery

Anthony Abdool

Charlotte Mason
Account Director

Dan Govan
Front End Developer

Dave Regan
Senior UX Designer

Dine Albrecht
Front End Developer

Emma MacGregor
Customer Services Executive

Francesca James
Freelance Brief Manager

Giles Perks
Client Partner

Greta Janaviciute
Finance Assistant

Gurjot Sahota
Marketing Research Intern

Hilja Lindsay-Parkinson
Account Manager

Jimmy Kyriacou

Lauren Bearpark
Product Designer

Lily Coleman
Marketing Intern

Marcel Kornblum
Platform Developer

Matt Cappell

Murdoch Rawson
CRM Executive

Neil Lyons
Platform Developer

Oscar Rowe

Peter Rocker
iOS Developer

Rajiv Bhalla
VP of Growth

Ross Miller
Platform Developer

Sally Northmore
Front End Developer

Sam Orrin
Account Manager

Samantha Clare
Account Manager

Vanja Pupavac
Project Manager


Ana-Maria Bourceanu
UX Designer

Andrew Dobbs
Agency Partner

Chonsak Prasatsak
UX Designer

Hannah Bain

Harpreet Sahota
Financial Controller

Ian Culshaw
Front End Developer

James Nicholls
Commercial Partner

Jen Wright
Freelancer Advocate

Richard Hallows
Front End Developer

Steve Cater
Communications Partner

Vincenzo Antignano
Platform Developer


Apostolos Christodoulou
Front End Developer

Chris Wood
Platform Developer

Jamie Syke

Rob Berry
Platform Developer

Steve Jalim
Tech Lead


Caz Lock

Clive Murray
Front End Developer

James Booth

Silke Jahn
Django Developer


Shib Mathew

Hugo Rodger-Brown

Chris Cater

“They sold it to me in about 50 seconds. It’s one of those increasingly rare ideas that just make you go “oh yeah”. And what impresses me most about the YJ team is their determination in shifting the balance of power back to clients and freelancers.”