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Hello New York!

Come and be a founding member of YJ NYC.

Join the NYC launch and let us show you why more and more elite freelancers are choosing YunoJuno to make the freelancer life work for them.

YunoJuno Profile

A freelancer profile that works for you.

Firstly, you'll need to create a profile and apply to join. Once approved you'll appear to clients searching for freelancers with skills like yours. Clients can then shortlist you for upcoming projects.

YunoJuno Profile

Respond to real briefs

Clients shortlist you for upcoming projects based on what they see from your profile.

Once shortlisted, you have complete control of how you respond. Confirm your availability and negotiate your own day rate from the outset.

Communicate directly with employers

All your communication is between you and your potential client.

Nothing filtered, nothing lost in translation.

Freelancer timesheets YunoJuno

Payment in 14 days. Never chase an invoice again.

All YunoJuno freelancers in a contract are paid on 14 days of their invoices. No more late payment. No catch.

Simply complete a timesheet in one-click at the end of each week.

Freelancer timesheets YunoJuno

YunoJuno make finding a contract, setting a rate and getting paid so easy. It means I can concentrate on what I do best - design - and not waste hours on paperwork. Result!


The perfect freelancer, every time.

Direct and unfiltered access to the YunoJuno community of award-winning freelancers means that your project is in the best hands

I’m frustrated that we haven’t implemented YunoJuno before now. Not only has it simplified our freelance recruitment, but the tracking elements (and obvious cost-saving benefits) mean that freelancers have a better experience which is crucial to our employer brand.

Head of Talent Acquisition - Ogilvy & Mather Group UK

See who's available instantly

The current record for fastest booking is 4 minutes 2 seconds.
That's 242 seconds from brief to booking.

Not that we're counting.

Contracts without the paperwork

Once you've found the perfect freelancer for your brief, an official booking takes seconds.

All managed centrally on your YunoJuno account.

YunoJuno timesheets

Easily manage your booking

One click timesheet approval.

Rebookings, extensions, invoices are all equally as pleasurable.

YunoJuno timesheets

We're free for freelancers

And all YunoJuno freelancers in a YunoJuno booking are paid on 14 days.

For clients we charge a percentage on top of the rate that's agreed directly between client and freelancer. So if a freelancer negotiates $100 an hour, they get $100 an hour. Fact.

At the very heart of YunoJuno is a community of the best professional creative and tech freelancers.

Client Service

Account Managers & Directors


Creative Directors, Art Directors and Copywriters


Data Scientists, Analysts and Developers

Project Management

Project Managers, Producers and Scrum Masters


Digital, Integrated, Graphic and Presentation Designers


Front, Back and Full-stack


Production and Event Managers

Market Research

Qualitative Researchers, Market Analysts and Market Researchers


Documentary, Lifestyle, Digital and Commercial Photographers


Media Relations and PR Professionals


Community Managers, Social Media Managers, Strategists


Creative, Brand and Comms Planners and Strategists


Creative Artworkers, Retouchers and Art Buyers


QA and Testers


UX Design, Research and Leadership

Film and Motion

Animators, Videographers, Video Editors, Motion Graphics Specialists

Membership benefits for freelancers

One of the tenets that drives us at YunoJuno is the idea of “adding value rather than extracting it”. Everything we build and all the partnerships we secure passes through this filter in delivering a new way to be and hire a premium level freelancer.

Here are just some of the key aspects of YunoJuno for our freelancer members:

  1. YunoJuno is, and will always be, free for freelancers
  2. Get paid on 14 days and never chase an invoice again
  3. The easiest timesheets on the planet
  4. Direct and transparent communication between freelancers and clients

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