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Freedom to create your best work

YunoJuno Profile

A freelancer profile that works for you.

Firstly, you'll need to create a profile and apply to join. Once approved you'll appear to clients searching for freelancers with skills like yours. Clients can then shortlist you for upcoming projects.

YunoJuno Profile

Respond to real briefs

Clients shortlist you for upcoming projects based on what they see from your profile.

Once shortlisted, you have complete control of how you respond. Confirm your availability and negotiate your own day rate from the outset.

Communicate directly with clients

All your communication is between you and your potential client.

Nothing filtered, nothing lost in translation.

YunoJuno has been an absolute godsend for me. Having previously been on the hiring end before I went freelance I can't begin to tell you how much I would have loved the platform to exist then.

Greg Findon - Freelance Developer

Accept your booking with confidence

We say “confidence” because everything is in writing and all bookings are stored within your YunoJuno account.

Total protection to create your best work.

Freelancer timesheets YunoJuno

Payment in 14 days. Never chase an invoice again.

All YunoJuno freelancers in a contract are paid on 14 days of their invoices. No more late payment. No catch.

Simply complete a timesheet in one-click at the end of each week.

Freelancer timesheets YunoJuno

YunoJuno make finding a contract, setting a rate and getting paid so easy. It means I can concentrate on what I do best - design - and not waste hours on paperwork. Result!

Mike Nagle - Freelance UX Designer

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