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Hiring, Managing and Paying Freelancers?

YunoJuno makes it easy. All in one place.


Freelance Management

Get rid of all your individual spreadsheets and create your companies freelancer directory, bringing together your freelancers and their associated recruitment suppliers.

Keep track of previous booking information, performance notes and availability, whilst taking control of your PSL’s ownership and fees.


Find the right freelancer every time

By bringing together all your known and recruiter owned freelancers in one place as well as having access to the 13,000 strong industry vetted YJ talent pool, you will find the right freelancer every time.

YunoJuno compliance

Contracts & Compliance

How many hours are taken up by creating contracts, and running identity and finance checks on freelancers?

YunoJuno removes these time sapping admin process', enabling you to create secure and compliant contracts at a click of a button, whilst YunoJuno run HMRC and Identity checks on your entire freelance community to ensure 100% compliance.

YunoJuno compliance
YunoJuno Invoice

Payments & Invoicing

No more freelancers chasing you for payment!

We pay your freelancers and associated recruitment suppliers in 14 days of work approval.

YunoJuno will be your sole supplier for your freelancer workforce, supplying you with one invoice every week, with between 30-60 day payment terms, potentially increasing your business’ working capital.

YunoJuno Invoice


Companies are investing heavily in making their business’ somewhere their staff want to work, why should freelancers be treated any different.

From first contact to turning up on their first day, YunoJuno works in partnership with its clients to deliver a first class digital onboarding experience, from key contacts, to the best places to eat!


Real-time visibility gives you total control of your freelance operations from hr to finance.

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