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The best freelancer, every time.

Trusted, and built by you.

YunoJuno was born out of a desire to deliver a direct and transparent way for clients to connect with the best freelancers.

Everything that we build is in collaboration with our client and freelancer community. Who else knows best?

  1. 10,000 industry-validated freelancers
  2. HMRC and IR35 friendly
  3. Exceptional rates
  4. 97% positive feedback on all bookings
  5. Brief to booking in a matter of minutes

Not just a platform.

YunoJuno's in-house Talent Team are here to help you get the right person every time. Whether it's helping with a shortlist, contacting freelancers or making a brief as strong as it can be. They are here to help you at no extra cost.

The freelancers on YunoJuno are consistently of the highest calibre. It is also the easiest and most transparent recruitment service I have ever dealt with.

Head of Digital Production - Virgin Group
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Real choice

We have the perfect person for your brief.

We’ll only show you freelancers with the right skills, in your budget and available.

YunoJuno Search
Discuss the job directly

Discuss the job directly

Nobody knows your brief like you do. So why speak to anyone other than those that can deliver that brief.

Ask questions, schedule interviews and talk through requirements directly.

Discuss the job directly

Create a contract in seconds

Our contracts offer you total security. Specify the agreed day rate, length of the booking, notice period and any overtime arrangements.

They’ll see you Monday.

Have an immediate need?

Create your account and start searching today.

Build your personal freelancer network

Your YunoJuno BlackBook enables you to build your own trusted network of go-to freelancers.

Live availability, instant messaging and booking history, all in one place.

YunoJuno Timesheet

Manage all your bookings

Each week you get full visibility of your freelancer's time. Once you’ve approved a timesheet, YunoJuno takes care of the rest.

We have a 100% record of timesheet completion and all our freelancers are paid by YunoJuno on 14 days.

Another thing you don’t have to worry about.

YunoJuno Timesheet

YunoJuno make getting paid hassle free. One less contracting thing to worry about.

Mike Nagle - Freelance UX Designer

Extended payment terms for you

Once you've approved a timesheet, we pay the freelancer.

And we give you 45 day payment terms! All your invoices can be accessed in your dashboard.

It's part of our ongoing commitment to simply make freelance work.

Work with lots of freelancers?

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