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Meet The Peeps

To us, community is, and will always be, a massive part of YunoJuno's DNA. We started as a small group of like-minded people looking to create a new way of working and that small group has now grown into a global community hell-bent on making freelance work.

Shib Mathew - CEO and Founder, YunoJuno

Life as a freelancer

Take a minute, sit back and meet Philipa, Ben and Sarah from the YunoJuno freelance community. Hear first-hand how they got into it, some of the things they've learned and what they like about being a freelancer.

Sharon Jennings, Developer

"I build rock-solid html emails that work across all of the major email clients. I have a focus on accessibility, allowing easier reading by people with visual impairments or dyslexia, who may use screen-readers."

Ana Ibanez Lario, Art Director / Filmmaker

"Freelance life gives you so much freedom: flexibility, the ability to work on a wide variety of projects, as well as working on my own productions."

Ian Allardyce, Film & Motion

"You might find me directing large crews, joshing with clients in the video-village, run 'n gunning in the Gobi Desert or midnight sushi-sessions in the edit suite."

Jeanine Coleman, Designer

"Hello! My name is Jeanine and I am a Graphic Designer. I’m Italian-South African (from South Africa) and moved to London 2 years ago. Freelancing was fantastic in SA but I needed to be challenged. London is that for me."

Elliot Harris, UX Consultant

"I studied HCI at undergraduate level and like to apply cognitive psychology to design. I experienced a former life as a programmer, so I understand how to bridge the gap between design and development."

Sophie Rautenbach, Design Director

"Intelligent design solutions grounded in strategic thinking."

Jess Geen, Senior Creative Copywriter

"I'm a creative, versatile and highly visual senior copywriter with eight years' experience – agencies, client-side and journalism. I’m happiest in agency-land, because I love the fast pace, creativity and variety."

Annabel Ward, PR Director

"Love the challenge of running hard hitting consumer campaigns for high profile clients. Longstanding experience managing events - from smaller to larger scale. A team motivator - I've led teams of varying sizes to great effect."

Giles Angel, Creative Retoucher

"I'm a highly adaptable creative retoucher with experience across various photographic genres in traditional and digital media platforms."

Simon Alexander, Senior Project Manager

"Digitally focused individual with experience working with digital teams in the UK and abroad. Enjoys accepting direct personal challenges, especially in areas that require the flexibility of approach and working against target timescales."

Robin Danzey-Persaud, Film & Motion

"I've been doing this off my own back for 7 years now, and it doesn't stress me anymore. I don't get flustered, I can work quickly if needs be, but most of all I love what I do. Cookies available upon request. Otherwise, what's the point of tea?"

Manu Ridocci, Art Director & Designer

"I'm a Graphic Designer/Art Director from Madrid (Spain) with some Italian blood. I moved to London in 2013 because I wanted to look for bigger challenges and a more multicultural landscape."

Tobin Chew, Lead Full Stack Developer

"I spent 4 years as a professional Project Engineer, during which I spent every bit of spare time learning to code. After leading a technology implementation project at Shell and making various web sites / apps in my spare time, I discovered a new passion."

Ben Stapleton, Film & Motion

"I’m a creative that not only comes up with ideas but brings them to life. I’ve been in advertising nearly 10 years and have moved between post production and the creative world."

Ana Bozzano, Senior Visual Designer

"I didn't know how to start looking for a job. But I quit my job, I went on a long holiday to disconnect and when I came back to London, I registered on YunoJuno and a week later I was working. I wish I had done it before!"

Chris Holmes, Senior Javascript Developer

"I love building apps that do clever things and work hard to do them properly. It's easy to take shortcuts but the best results are well thought out. With the right team and budget, I believe that anything is achievable."

Anthea Goodrick, Creative Art Director

"I’ve been recognized at award shows such as Campaign, Clio Young Creative Competition, AWARD, featured in Luerzers Archive magazine and in 2015 & 2016 I was a finalist for Yuno Juno Freelancer of The Year."

Nick Towers, Integrated Designer

"Many moons ago I studied Visual Communication at Falmouth College of Art, ever since then I’ve been living in London where my break came at a small digital agency called Empty Space."

Scott Hutchins, Director and Filmmaker

"I'm loving the new found freedom that comes with freelance life, meeting new people, having a peek around new agencies, being in complete control of my own destiny (<- that sounds very dramatic, but true)."

JC Pinheiro, Art Director

"I'm a Creative Art Director with a formal background in photography+motion and have a nack for creative technologies."

Diana Stoessel, Project Manager

"In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis with friends, taking long walks through the park, and reading novels with a cold drink."

Tim Bennett, Creative Director

"When I was little, I wanted to be a courtroom sketch artist. Back then, I thought it was the only way to make a decent living and have fun being arty. “Advertising” and “Art Director” wasn’t in my vocabulary until my careers master suggested it."

Francesca de Bassa, Senior Creative Designer

"I studied art, literature and animation, and my whole life can be called “procrastination”, travelling around worlds is certainly my vocation, driving my golden airplane led by imagination."

Jim Compton-Hall, Copywriter

"I do cool stuff with words. Toying and experimenting with language to produce exciting and intelligent work, whether it's a marketing email or an entire creative advertising campaign."

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