How it works for employers

Find and manage the best talent from our community…or yours.

Finding the perfect freelancer

YunoJuno is a platform to enable you to find the perfect freelancer for your brief, be that someone you already know or someone you don’t.

Create a live brief, handpick from your search results, discuss the project directly with those that are available, negotiate rates and book them. All in minutes.

  • See industry-validated freelancers
  • Search based on your brief and skills needed
  • See existing contacts and live availability
  • Build and share shortlists with your wider team
  • Communicate directly with your chosen freelancers
  • Centralised conversations (no more cluttered inbox!)
  • Negotiate rates directly with freelancers
  • Create your own favourites list

Managing your freelancers

Managing freelancers has finally been made easy.

Whether that be one click re-booking, invoice management, one click timesheets or even the peace of mind that your freelance contracts are compliant, everything is centralised through a single supplier - YunoJuno.

  • Create new bookings in minutes
  • One-click timesheets
  • Easy rebooking
  • Centralised invoice management
  • 14 day terms for freelancers
  • 45 day terms for employers
  • Compliance (SOX, IR35 +)
  • Single supplier
  • Batched invoicing

Service tailored to you

YunoJuno is not just a website! The YJ Client Team can help manage briefs, setup & training, or even reporting to help your business understand it’s freelance resourcing better.

Whatever the need, we’re here to help - and at no extra cost!

  • Account management
  • Setup and training
  • Brief management
  • Multi-user access
  • Reporting
  • Full product roadmap
“YunoJuno has created a product and recruitment process which benefits both the freelancer and the employer in equal measure. Packaged in a simple and user friendly interface.”