The YunoJuno Bicycle Club. Returning in Spring 2017 for lovers of bike rides as well as post-ride recovery drinks.

The Grand Départ

We love cycling. Ever since we started, bicycles have been part of our story. If we can get somewhere on two wheels, we will. Whether that be commuting, client meetings, or the occasional lunchtime sprint to The Spaniards on Hampstead Heath.

We thought it would be great to create a very casual weekly cycling gathering for those in our community that enjoy being on bikes as much as we do. The emphasis being on 'casual'.

Welcome to YunoVélo. Chapeau!

The Route & Agenda

The premise and structure of this club is going to be really simple.

  • Meet every Thursday, 6pm, at Regents Park - Cnr of Park Square West and The Outer Circle.
  • Two laps around Regents Park and then exit the top of RP to ride up Hampstead Hill and to The Spaniards for a recovery beverage.
  • We're going to be strict about the 6pm ride out but we're doing the two laps just in case you're running late, you can catch up to the peloton as it orbits the park and before we use its gravitational force to slingshot ourselves to Hampstead.
“Cycling helps keep my crazy at bay.”
Shib Mathew
CEO, YunoJuno

Just a casual ride with friendly strangers.

That's the nuts & bolts of YunoVélo - people who like to ride, riding together. Like the best cycling clubs, it's about enjoying the ride together. So we stop for punctures as a group and no one gets dropped!

See you at RP!

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