Sweet FA's

The Freelancer Awards 2016

“There are thousands of freelancers who are contributing an immense amount of value to the world. They are the growing force of experts to whom our industry is continually turning to, in order to get the job done. They’re also often the unsung heroes of this process – often Chinooked into a situation, or thrown a Hail Mary brief and asked to deliver immediately. These awards are the recognition of these experts.”
Shib Mathew
CEO and Co-founder

The Freelancer Awards 2016

We've been blown away by the overwhelming support for The YunoJuno Freelancer Awards. After launching the inaugural awards in 2015 to celebrate the exceptional contribution that freelancers make to the creative and tech industries we decided to go bigger and better in 2016.

This year there were hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes with the celebrations culminating at the main event on 1st December. And what a night it was.

We are extremely grateful to be working with our two community sponsors: Crunch and Work.Life, who have helped us take this initiative to the next level. A huge thanks to everyone who made The Sweet FA’s a huge success this year. The biggest recognition however, goes to the incredible YunoJuno freelancer and employer community who continue to drive us forward in redefining the future of work.

See you in 2017!

“Whoa. Stunned, delighted and somewhat humbled to have won Freelancer of the Year at the fantastic YunoJuno awards!”