The Community

At the very heart of YunoJuno is a community of the best professional creative and tech freelancers.

Membership benefits for freelancers

One of the tenets that drives us at YunoJuno is the idea of “adding value rather than extracting it”. Everything we build and all the partnerships we secure passes through this filter in delivering a new way to be and hire a premium level freelancer.

Here are just some of the key aspects of YunoJuno for our freelancer members:

  • YunoJuno is, and will always be, free for freelancers
  • YJ Freelancers are paid on 14 days and never have to chase an invoice
  • Pain-free timesheets linked directly to freelancer invoices
  • All communication between a freelancer and employer is direct
  • Exclusive member benefits
Membership includes:

Gain exclusive retail, online and restaurant discounts with membership to LifeWorks.

Discounts on Crunch Accounting subscriptions and online software.

Deals on shared workspace membership packages at three locations across London.

Discounts on hot or fixed-desk co-working space packages at Ministry of Sound's head office.

“YunoJuno is easily the most useful platform for freelancers who want to connect with potential clients. I tell everyone about it.”
Rebekah Cooper
Senior Digital Creative & UX Designer

The disciplines


Creative Directors, Art Directors and Copywriters
Olga Gromova Art Director

Employer says:

"Olga is fast, smart and serious about what she does. A really good person."


Digital, Integrated, Graphic and Presentation Designers
Noel Leeman, Freelance Senior Digital Designer

Employer says:

"Noel is a talented and creative digital designer with a true flair for visualization."


Front, Back and Full-stack
Mika Tasich, Freelance Technical Director

Employer says:

"You'd be hard pushed to find anyone as knowledgable and excited as him. His attitude is quite contagious."


UX Design, Research and Leadership
Luke Jermy, Lead UX/Interaction Designer

Employer says:

"Intelligent, thorough, and articulate, Luke is everything you want in a user experience partner on your project."


Project Managers, Producers, Resourcing and Traffic
Amit SK Anand, Senior Digital Project Manager

Employer says:

"From day one members of my team spoke with relief about how the project was already running more easily."

Client Services

Account Managers & Directors - Digital & Integrated
Carrie Arnold, Business Director

Employer says:

"Carrie is a proficient and clearly capable client director with an exceptional business mind."


Community Managers, Social Media Managers, Strategists
Kayta Hackman, Social Media Manager

Employer says:

"Always bringing new ideas to the table. Highly recommended."


QA and Testers
Mark Waugh, QA / Tester

Employer says:

"Mark brought many years of industry experience to our project and was our key source of information during the formal certification testing."


Data Scientists, Analysts, Developers
Dan Naylor, Data Strategist / Analyst

Employer says:

"Dan is a great strategic thinker and can effectively execute. His advice is invaluable."


Documentary, Lifestyle, Digital and Commercial Photographers
Saven Chadha, Designer, Illustrator & Photographer

Employer says:

"A true professional, Saven has the rare ability to meet client needs whilst demonstrating a unique creative flair to all her projects."

Film & Motion

Animators, Videographers, Video Editors, Motion Graphics Specialists
Leon Nikoosimaitak, Motion Graphic Designer

Employer says:

"A diligent designer with exceptional attention to detail."


Media Relations and PR Professionals
Toby Schuster, Senior PR & Digital Consultant

Employer says:

"Well-read, articulate and fearless. Provides great senior counsel and knows how to make his experience count for clients."


Production and Event Managers
Vicki Baker, Event Producer

Employer says:

"Talented and unique event professional, she has high levels of creativity, vision and detail."


Creative, Brand and Comms Planners and Strategists
Marcus Ray, Creative Strategy Consultant

Employer says:

"His innate ability to uncover the real audience insight, combined with his commercial acumen and and editorial mindset are a rare combination of skills."


Creative Artworkers, Retouchers and Art Buyers
Joanna Marshall, Senior Creative Artworker

Employer says:

"Jo is hands down one of the best art workers I have ever worked with. The quality of her work and her attitude are second to none."

Market Research

Qualitative Researchers, Market Analysts and Market Researchers
Paulo da Costa, Marketing Professional

Employer says:

"A great professional with an excellent attitude. He is one of the most humble guys I know, a 5 star person, that everyone likes to have on their team!"
“YunoJuno has been an absolute godsend for me. Having previously been on the hiring end before I went freelance I can't begin to tell you how much I would have loved the platform to exist then.”
Greg Findon

The 2015 Freelancer Awards

On December 8th 2015 YunoJuno hosted The 2015 Freelancer Awards to recognise the immense amount of value to the world that freelancers contribute.

They are the growing force of experts to whom our industry is continually turning, in order to get the job done. They’re also often the unsung heroes of this process – often Chinooked into a situation, or thrown a Hail Mary brief and asked to deliver immediately.

The awards are the recognition of these experts, decided by London’s freelancer and employer community itself.