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Welcome to our Brand Guidelines


Our journey started with a "why?"

Our question was simple: if the future of work was freelance, why was it so hard for companies and freelancers to connect?

Since we couldn't find the answer to our question, we decided to answer it ourselves.

Defining our Brand

Our Vision:
The Future of Work

This is the reality we see and are heading towards. We know the world is moving freelance. We know that the way in which professionals of any kind choose to work will be very different in five years time and unrecognisable in 20. So if the world is going to be freelance, we want to point YunoJuno towards the future reality and not just the current trend.

Our Mission:
Unlock the true potential of freelance

Vision, is a ‘seeing’ term. It speaks to the place or a thing we want to be. YunoJuno's mission, on the other hand, is geared towards doing. The how part of achieving our vision.

So for us, the doing is to unlock the true potential of freelance.

The future of work belongs to both freelancer and hirer. These two sides aren't mutually exclusive but co-exist in driving the changing face of employment. Freelancers are fast becoming the single most valuable workforce in the labour market and this is no more evident than in the creative and tech sector. YunoJuno is unlocking every aspect of this revolution so that the concept of "choosing freelance" is no longer a leap into the unknown but the most strategic and commercial decision you can make.

Our brand and the mission have been intertwined from day one. We set out to create the premier location to find and hire the world's best freelancers.


What do we stand for?

We stand for FREEDOM.

For us, this one word distills the very reason for starting YunoJuno and the thing that keeps us going. It’s also purposefully not ‘tech’ and intentionally human. It speaks to what we want for our community — for freelancers and clients alike.

If by using YunoJuno, some part of your life is more free than when you weren’t using it — what an incredible thing of value to deliver to our community.

Our personality

We are born from the creative and tech sectors. We believe that technology can facilitate meaningful connections in modern and refreshing ways. We respect differences of opinion and curious. We do not hesitate to admit when we are wrong or when we could do better.

We are curious and impatient when our curiosity uncovers a better approach to executing our vision or improving the experience of our community.

We are a democratic company. Every member of the YunoJuno team has a voice and the company's leadership will listen and embrace any idea that improves the execution of our mission and takes us closer to our vision.

We extend this channel to our freelancer and client community. Anyone can suggest and promote a particular change to the platform or the service to improve the experience. All voices are heard.

How we describe the YunoJuno brand values


YunoJuno was founded on the principle that all of our processes, functionality, and commercials are visible to all users - freelancers and companies alike.


When communication is honest, open and sincere, we believe it’s in its most productive form. It removes hidden agendas, subtext and ambiguity.


Our messages must serve a purpose to the recipient and drive to an intended action. YunoJuno was founded on a strong conviction. We are not afraid to tell it like it is and stand by our convictions.


We are a tech platform that enables meaningful connections between humans. We want to reflect the human experience of not only using our platform but also the true motivations as to why a freelancer or client is on YJ in the first place.

Our tone of voice

The key to our tone of voice is to always acknowledge that YJ is the connection between technology and humans. We use language that is easier to understand, straight to the point and has a purpose.

We are professional.

Our community of freelancers and clients take their craft and jobs very seriously. We take our ability to make meaningful connections happen between them seriously.

- Professional & mature
- Informative & helpful
- Honest & transparent
- Friendly but not over-familiar
- Champion simplicity


- Overcomplicate a message
- Use industry jargon without explaining the phrase first

We are informal if...

...the subject matter or environment lends itself to informality.

- Abbreviate to create a more conversational tone
- A light amount of deprecation is ok to demonstrate we don't always need to take ourselves too seriously.


- Be overly-familiar
- Be cocky or use humour at the expense of others
- Highlight any person's or company's faults

We embrace diversity.

Our company, as well as our community freelancers and clients come from every background on earth. Our messaging style continually examines its comprehension against the diverse backgrounds of our audience.

- Celebrate diverse voices wherever we can
- Show diverse imagery to accompany messages
- Check messaging for possible 'lost-in-translation' risks


- Be homogeneous
- Appropriate a particular culture for the purposes of image or message


Messaging Pillars

Always have a purpose

All comms must have a reason for their message. That reason is usually best served if directed to a single audience.

  • Freelancers

  • Clients

  • Wider industry / market

  • Internal Team

- Get all the facts
- Get to the purpose early (additional detail can occur later but only if purpose is introduced at the beginning)


- Omit hard truths when required

Be human

We believe it is key that we always remember that YunoJuno is a platform that facilitates the connection between technology and humans - for the purpose of hiring that human for a task, and in more cases than not, creating an end product to be consumed by humans.

    - Speak in plain english
    - Send comms from a real person at YJ
    - Communicate directly to an individual (ie. use their firstname)
    - Include real freelancers and clients in imagery wherever possible
    - Celebrate real-world experiences of freelancers and clients where applicable.


    - Refer to the YJ-bot (with the exception of  automated task-related messages from the platform)

    Strive for empathy wherever possible

    Due to the industry in which YunoJuno operates, the stakes are high. People's careers, professional relationships and livelihoods are not trivial matters and we take our responsibility seriously. This is why we always opt to speak honestly transparently to either side of our community.

    The key to this for us is to constantly appreciate the audience perspective on how messages are being received and how our platform and service is being used.

      - Speak the truth empathy - even the difficult topics
      - For larger messages and product launches, get test audience opinion wherever possible


      - Send communication out without sharing with at least one colleague prior
      - Use language that favours one group over another




      The primary colours are essential to the visual identity. Please use the blue and light orange in larger proportions supported by the other colours.

      Hex = #4B4FC5
      CMYK = (62,60,0,23)
      CMYK = (0,9,12,0)
      CMYK = (6,6,0,2)
      CMYK = (8,0,2,2)
      CMYK = (9,2,0,5)
      CMYK = (0,0,1,1)


      Neutral colors consist of low saturated grey tones, and can be used to compliment the primary color palette when necessary.



      DO NOT add gradients
      DO NOT mix too many colours
      DO NOT use custom colours
      DO NOT overlap colours or add filters


      This font should be used for all copy. Heading font weight is always Medium and body is Regular. Semi-bold can be used for emphasis in body copy or links.


      600-Semi Bold






      DO NOT use custom fonts
      DO NOT use low contrast colours for typography
      DO NOT use medium weight for body copy
      DO NOT rotate typography. I mean, seriously?


      The brand elements here are part of the visual identity and their primary purpose is to support copy and visual by providing a visual anchor, visual interest, and providing balance between spaces.


      Below are examples of the brand elements in use. The overall aim is to keep things minimal yet interesting.


      DO NOT use elements with low contrast colours
      DO NOT place elements behind text or overuse


      a collage of people

      Where applicable, we like to use humans in our communication. We choose this approach because at its core, YunoJuno facilitates human connections. Our imagery has three key pillars:

      Clear, personable images of humans.

      What makes a clear, personal image:

      - Focused on subject.
      - Minimal background distractions.
      - A sense of joy or purpose that connects directly with the viewer or message.


      - Focused on subject.
      - Minimal background distractions.
      - Ethnic diversity
      - A sense of joy or purpose that connects directly with the viewer or message.

      a collage of people

      - Happy work scene
      - Scenes with minimal background colours
      - Groups if short depth of field to focus on subject


      - Fashion poses
      - High contrast scene with subject not clearly visible and too much background content
      - Photo too close
      - Not engaging with viewer or narrative (such as work scene)

      a collage of a person

      - Staged action shots
      - Additional messaging within image or part of subject
      - Staged responses
      - Images that don't include faces

      Relevant product imagery associated to key message

      Our community of freelancers and clients take their craft and jobs very seriously. We take our ability to make meaningful connections happen between them seriously.

      Combinations of product, person and/or message. At times we employ imagery to sit on top of text to give the creative some depth. But there are rules:

      1. Only overlay on top of a heading - never sub copy
      2. Never cover too much of the heading so that the message requires work by the audience to decipher
      3. Good proportions between image and message/heading size.


      - Wherever possible, use real YJ freelancers when using imagery in combination with product.
      - Release forms must be obtained prior to use.


      - Overlay an image on top of a creative's message so that the message requires work by the audience to decipher.
      - Use imagery where an individuals face cannot be seen.

      Illustrations only as a secondary tool to highlight the first two pillars

      We use minimal illustrations and accents but only to create depth or texture to a piece of creative.


      Illustrations compliments the creative and is never the subject.  


      - Use stock illustrations
      - Make the illustration the largest/leading component of the creative


      DO NOT use elements with low contrast colours
      DO NOT place elements behind text or overuse

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