One question we get quite regularly on our twitter feed is "how can I match to more briefs?".

We know that one of the key elements to matching with more briefs is having a strong profile, so below are five key tips from Andy Stone, the head of our Talent Team, on how to create a great profile that will match you with more YJ briefs:

1) Examples of work

For those in a discipline where they need to show examples of work - have a working portfolio link or attached PDF - ideally without any passwords (though sometimes we know that isn't possible). If you do need to have a password, respond to messages quickly when asked for it.

A survey of our clients ranked Portfolio as by far the most important thing on a freelancer's profile.

2) Keep your work history up to date

We know that not all of your projects will come from YJ, but it's important to add new projects to your work history, even if booked elsewhere, as this shows us you're still active and keeps your skills up to date.

It's also important to get at least some of your work history verified. Clients prioritise freelancers where they can see another industry expert has ‘vouched’ for their work.

3) Your profile should explain to the client exactly what you do and why they should hire you

Make sure it’s selling you and your services to them and not just a job title like: ‘Front End Developer’. Items to include might be awards won, career highlights, some recent (succinct) case studies and clients if they aren’t in your work history. 

4) Keep your skills up to date!

As your career develops you'll inevitably learn new skills and how to use new and different tools. Keeping these up to date on your profile is important to make sure you match to briefs that contain specific skill requirements.

It's also important to make sure you don't overstate your skills. It's OK to admit you only have a basic knowledge of some tools.


As Andy, our Head of Talent puts it: "I’ve had people miss out on projects because they didn’t spellcheck. clients will say that it shows poor attention to detail."

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