Our Mission

Why are we here and what is it that we're trying to create?

YunoJuno's Mission is to Unlock the True Potential of Freelance.

We chose the word 'freelance' instead of 'freelancer' because YunoJuno is about both the supply and demand of creative jobs. So our drive to unlocking the freelancing's true potential must consider the other half of the equation — the clients/employers on YunoJuno who hire these brilliant freelancers.

When we first started the company, our dream was to empower our freelance community and our clients with a direct and transparent path to connect. We wanted to make 'going freelance' more than just a leap into the unknown. We believe that freelancers are fast becoming the single most valuable workforce for creative and tech industries. YunoJuno isn't about outsourcing work, we're about leveraging creative talent to enhance your existing team with the skills you need to accomplish something great.

YunoJuno is redefining what work means by enabling freedom and flexibility for both organisations and the freelancers they partner with.

As YunoJuno continues to grow — 72 months and counting! — our company becomes less about that connection and more about what that connection enables:  the ability to simply focus on that creative work in the best possible environment. That means we are continually enhancing our end-to-end freelance management solution — based on feedback from both sides — to make sure we enable clear expectations, clear conversations, and clear finances, so creative projects become beneficial, innovative partnerships.

YunoJuno is a solution where a community of the best freelancers can connect with the world's most innovative companies in a completely direct and transparent way.

We know the world is moving freelance. We know that the way in which professionals of any kind choose to work will be very different in five years time and unrecognisable in 20. So if the world is going to be freelance, we want to point YunoJuno towards the future reality and not the current trend.

So our vision for YunoJuno is to be "the best workplace in the world".

These six words, distill why we keep going and what a perfect YunoJuno looks like. Whether you're a freelancer working on your own or with others, whether you're a client of one or many independent specialists, our vision is to create, facilitate and operate the best environment possible for our network and, by extension, the future of work.

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